Vital MX Pit Bits: Atlanta Supercross 4

Check out the latest from Hotlanta!

Bigger track in Atlanta equals a bigger Pit Bits!? Well, something like that. There was a lot to see this weekend so scroll down and dive in the for the latest goodies.

FXR went all-in this weekend for the St. Judes fundraiser. The gear was top-to-bottom themed.

The ClubMX team went in full force for the St. Jude themed race.

Closer look.

Hmm what's that?

New oil cooler for the team. We think it's Twin Air's oil cooler but it's been anodized black instead of the stock gold color.


Another look at the FXR gear for the weekend. The ClubMX team plus all their other top athletes were featured in it.


Renthal went full force with a throwback retro purple from the 90s that the brand was well known for. If there was a bike in the pits running Renthal, they were purple this weekend.

Grip covers included.

Fatbars and Twinwalls.

The brand also put out some purple sprockets! The bars and bar covers are available for purchase now on a limited edition basis. The sprockets however were just for the teams and none are for sale.

Purple sprockets were literally on every Renthal supported team. Great effort on their part!

Easy to access data port for the HRC 250 squad.

Just a casual catch up orrrr....

A few guys had scoop tires ready for Saturday morning practice but the base of the track was surprisingly hard and slick. Meaning most of these were swapped before the guys hit the track.

When you need bigger handguards...

Dean Wilson's machine was parked for the weekend due to the injury to his backside but it was ready and in St. Jude trim.

Malcolm Stewart dabbling in some cut out engine hangers we first saw pop up in the GPs recently.

Mesh panels were in major play this weekend.


RJ Hampshire's bike started the day with these cut out engine mounts, but he was back to solid mounts by the next time we saw the bike.

The first morning practice for the Futures crew was a little muddy...

With the teams not wanting to drown out their own areas and garages with mud, some mobile washing stations were brought into play. The Factory Kawasaki team is clearly the most prepared in this situation. They carry two of these mobile washing stations, lending one to PC for the day.

When an air nozzle isn't enough to dry off a bike..

PRMX's ode to St. Jude.

Little different looks for HRC.

Little purple in the HRC machines this weekend. It went great with the Renthal drop and the St. Jude theme.

More St. Jude's nod from Honda.

Keeping the mud off until the last second.

Vented neoprene cover to keep mud from packing in around Jett's Showa shock.

What I'd give for a chrome Red Bull lid...


HA! GOLD! Hunter wins on and off the track.

Renthal also had some throwback casual wear to show off.


Full helmet wrap from Kevin Moranz.

Catanzaro's St. Jude nod.

Cordless heat gun for the win!

Phoenix Racing was mud ready. Well, at least their skidplates were.

Devin Raper with the old school vibes on his Shoei VFX-EVO

We noticed all the riders aboard the HEP team are running different triple clamps. Bogle's machine had these silver stockers.

Hartfrant with the stock black setup.

And Enticknap with the X-Trigs.

The HEP team has a new hire. Ex-Kawasaki team suspension man Dave Cruz is now handling the bump stick duties for the team.

Big change for the HEP bikes was Bogle's machine dropping the usual 55 rear tooth sprocket and going back to a more common 51...meaning his front has likely gone from a 14 to 13 tooth setup.

While Brandon and Adam were still aboard the 14-55 gearing the team has run for quite some time now.

We noticed a few other differences between the three HEP bikes. Enticknap's Suzuki had stock engine mounts...

Works Chassis Lab front aluminum front motor mounts are now on Justin Bogle and Brandon Hartfrant's bikes.

Stock uppers were found aboard Hartfrant and Enticknap's RM-Z450s.

Bogle's machine was the only of the three to feature top mounts from WCL.

Little rumor...we've heard Progressive wants a larger role in 2023. Good to see new sponsors coming into the sport and stepping up!

HEP Suzuki kit.

More custom lids! Jack Chambers Bell Moto-10 here.

Solitaire's look for the weekend. Only RJ Wageman was in participation as the Ryan Surratt was racing the World Two-Stroke Nationals at Glen Helen on behalf of the team.

The AEO crew joined the St. Jude push.


Clear radiator screens from Hurly were barely noticeable.

JR Boyd, formerly the long-time crew chief for the Rocky Mountain KTM squad can be seen around the AEO pits these days. Working for their team? Not quite, although he does help out a bit at the races. The day job for AEO is in their suspension department.

The SGB Unlimited crew's rendition of the St. Jude's look.


At first glance this may seem odd, but these cutouts are to relieve mud as it gets packed in behind the fork guard.

TLD crew have it all in order

Two of the best clicker turners in the business, Johnny and Gilly from KYB.

Need some fresh bars?

A home for everything inside the Phoenix Honda truck.

The PC crew getting unloaded and heading towards the garages.

Little peek at how the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki team does garage life.

The team brings in their own wheel cart, pit carts, banners, and some tables. Their pit carts house all the mechanics chemicals along with lighting stands, air reels and more.

PC KX250

Little mudder trick aboard Shimoda's machine. These only lasted for the practice session as the track dried up enough not to warrant such extreme measures.

Warm up bikes were also moved into the garages.

What's under the helmets? Bell hooked up the team by modifying their tables to accept these helmet dryers so they fit flush.

AJ Cantazaro picked up this 125 during the week, then threw a pipe, suspension and a couple other little goodies at it. He actually made it through qualifying for the East region without even having ridden one day of SX aboard the bike! Even crazier is his laptime...bumped Max Vohland out of the qualifying. OUCH.

Renthal bars weren't the only retro thing in play as Anderson's Alpinestars kit gave us the earlier-to-mid 90s KX vibes.

Memories to last a lifetime.

More St. Jude love.

More St. Jude love.

More St. Jude love.

More St. Jude love.

More St. Jude love.

What Dean Wilson would've worn this past weekend. Get well soon Deano!

Thought Benny Bloss was the tallest guy in the sport? NOPE! This guy has Bloss beat by and inch or two at six foot seven inches!

See ya all next week!

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