Vital MX Pit Bits: Atlanta 1

With lots of rain after the first practice session, teams quickly found out whether they were parked on high or low spots.

Filling all the gaps between the skid plate and engine on Hunter Lawrence's bike. The temperature sensor (lower left) on the oil cooler is new since the last time we saw it being used.

Hmm...what do we have here? How about a clutch position sensor on Hunter Lawrence's 250?

Full mud rotors? Sure, why not?

With only one session of practice, riders had lots of time to socially distance while they waited for racing to begin.

Hmm...what do you think of the lighter color blue on the Club MX bikes? It matched up nicely with their traditional logo.

After being pretty well decimated by injuries, it was good to see all three riders back under the Chaparral/BarX/Suzuki rig.

Adding in fender liners to keep the mud to a minimum.

When it's too wet outside to hit the pressure washers. Even if he had a rough day, it was good to see Pierce Brown back in action here.

Yep, rain gear was mandatory for fans, too. We ran into a few of them at a local Wal-Mart, where they were doing some last-minute poncho shopping.

After crashing out at Arlington, Justin Bogle gave it a shot here. But between damaged shoulders, and the surprise of the schedule being reduced to a single practice because of rain, he missed out on qualifying.

Cooper Webb had a pair of Bell helmets ready to go. One with full mud prep, and one with a more standard setup.

Visor extension? Check. Foam on the extension? Check.A selection of 100% goggles? Check.

While the factory guys had their canopies to work under, the privateers got to take advantage of working in the NASCAR garages.

It was good to see Josh Hill back in action, but parachuting into the 450 class (even this late in the season, when injuries have usually depleted the field) isn't easy.

The Race Day Live crew were taking advantage of the cozy confines of the NASCAR garages for their show location.

Ah yeah, the old school extinguishers are good for quickly spraying radiator shrouds on muddy days.

After "losing" a couple sets of custom starting blocks, Chase Sexton and the Lawrence brothers got a resupply before Atlanta.

Early on, it was a great day for huge umbrellas. It actually got really nice by main event time.

Early in the day, the smart fans stayed up high under the overhang.

The Monster Jam will follow the Supercross series here.

Fly Racing's display in the Fan Fest...before the fans arrived.

Kevin Moranz dialing in his KTM.

While the rain kept the Unknown Industries and Monster-sponsored FMX guys on the sidelines, it didn't prevent a little drift action. The camera guy is either really brave, or... But either way, it was obvious that he and the driver trusted each other a lot. We're not sure if the wet pavement made the drifting easier, or harder. Either way, we were surprised at how well the car hooked up out there.

The Alpinestars tech rig is a rolling rehab center for boots, parts, and pieces. There are big totes on board with goodies devoted to each of their sponsored riders.

The Astars-sponsored guys who run their helmets have a really big carbon extension available for muddy races.

These Gaernes (above) matched up nicely with Malcolm Stewart's Seven kit below.


During opening ceremonies.

Roll-offs were the order of the least early on.

The Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki guys rolled to the line in their heat races with their tires wrapped to keep out as much mud as possible.

In case of heavy rain, Jelly had a separate airbox cover clipped to his tool belt with the air vent already taped over.

"Just-in-case" hand wipe towels are always a good idea at mud races.If they happen to match your sponsor colors? Even better.

It was great to see Derek Drake back in action. Going from a compounded broken femur just before the start of the season to being on the line a few months later? That's amazing. We're guessing that it was also not a lot of fun on the PT side.

Zip-Locs over the grips and controls were a popular upgrade at the start of the race day.

We're not sure what Jelly told Justin Cooper before the start of the main, but it sure looks like it was funny.

Wow, kudos to Nate Thrasher for stepping up and nabbing a win in his rookie season. He's made a huge progression since the start of the season, and capitalized in Atlanta.

Ugh, Max Anstie and Vince Friese went down hard in the main. Here's hoping they're both okay and good to go for Tuesday.

Daniel Blair keeping an eye on the action during the 250 main event. There's a mobile monitor he watches the TV feed from.

We were pumped on the racing and action from the first race at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Bring on rounds 14 and 15.

Chase Sexton, Jade Dungey, and Erik Kehoe talk over the end of the main event. That was a bit of a heartbreaker for Chase, but he's got two more chances here, and another two in Salt Lake City to try and nab a win.

There were only a very small number of fans left at the fence when they were done handing out the trophies, but Cooper Webb made the trek across the track and the infield to share some celebratory champagne with them. happened at the final round in Arlington, and if we're not mistaken, there was another visit by the WADA drug testing crew in Atlanta. We saw several riders with post-race escorts.

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