Vital MX Pit Bits: Arlington 1

For the second year in a row, the Feld crew welcomed a group of WWII vets who enjoyed watching the action on press day.

It was also cool to see the riders (including Brandon Hartranft here) salute them as they rode by on the first lap.

While Coty Schock was pleased with his result at Daytona, he wasn't happy with giving up a chunk of positions near the end of the main. His expectations just went up a bunch.

It was good to see Justin Brayton back in the mix.

After the first session, Justin went for a gearing change. That meant a change for the wheel on the pit cart, as well.

Broc Tickle is looking for improved results during the second half of the season. It's still a shark feeding frenzy from 12th to 20th.

The fans came out in force here.

While there aren't lines for autographs, there are posters set aside and available to pick up in the pits.

The collaboration between Cameron Mcadoo and Nick Wey is starting to look productive.

Here's to better (and pain-free) days ahead for Jordon Smith.

Nope, those are not the cool custom starting blocks that we're used to seeing for Jett and Hunter Lawrence. But apparently, there's someone out there at Daytona sporting a new set of blocks. The same went for Chase Sexton. If you see someone out there with a set of these, give them a swift kick in the nuts.

They did get a factory coating before race time. We're not sure if that's anodizing or cerakote. (Just kidding.)

The scale of the big-screens in the stadium would be hard to overstate. They make for good viewing for the riders waiting to hit the track, though.

Kyle Peters is back on the Supercross side after going 20 for 20 in winning Kicker Arenacross mains. Couldn't he have left some scraps for the other riders out there? "Nope."

The Nuclear Blast Yamaha guys (like Robbie Wageman here) had a pretty sweet setup going on between the new Leatt gear, matching graphics on the bike, plus the same for the ODI bar pads.

Cedric Soubeyras was added to the AJE Motorsports/Motul/GasGas squad this week.

Waiting between practice sessions.

Privateer life with Bobby Piazza.

Under the hood of Hunter Lawrence's bike.

There was a big BMX competition out in the Fan Zone during the day, and these guys were getting after it. Nice X'd up 360 here.

Unfortunately for Pierce Brown, he broke a bone in his hand during practice. While he tried to make the through the final couple of sessions, he and the team opted out of the night's action.

Jordan Bailey waiting on practice.

When you're getting all you can out of the length of the swingarm.

Yep, the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki guys make sure their powerplants stay cool with these radiators.

Trying to contain that beard with a mask? Not gonna happen.

Justin Cooper had it going on during 250 qualifying, grabbing the top spot.

On our IG stories a couple of days ago, we quizzed everyone about whether they thought Coty Schock saved this. The answer is that he did...though we have no idea how. It went on for a long time.






Coty wasn't the only one that got bit by the whoops. On the lap before this, Cameron Mcadoo was absolutely blazing. The lap after that? Well...

Alex Martin getting just a little loose.

Hmm...was the green gear Kenny's Kryptonite?

Man, the corners looked good early on.

While the riders said it did get to be a bit hardpacked during the races, the corners looked really good to us.

Ah yes, springtime in Texas, and the KJSR crew heading into the stadium.

Malcolm Stewart was trying out a different fork setting this week.

Nothing to see here. Just a little custom tire grooving under the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki tent, trying to help out Cameron Mcadoo.

Hmm...looks like they've upped the radiator size on Justin Barcia's bike.

If you've wondered how they get those cablecam shots on the sidelines...

Look out, it's a rare GD2 sighting.

Jerry Robin had some custom Canvas Blendzall gear for a one-off deal in Dallas.

How about some Cowboys-inspired gear for AT&T Stadium?

We have to admit, those Akro mufflers are pretty sweet-looking.

Did you catch the clip last week where Chase bounced his face off the bars at Daytona? He looked all good here.

One think you can count on with wall jumps is that someone is going to get blasted with roost. This was a light coating for Aaron Plessinger.

While this season may not have been Martin Davalos' favorite so far, he can still throw down the style when he wants to.

While Texas may be "open," ticket sales are still a bit limited. It was cool to see the fans enjoying themselves, and they definitely made their presence known.

Seeing these guys rappel in from the center of the stadium with the flag during opening ceremonies? Very cool.

Linkage check on Cooper Webb.

Let's see how Kenny fires back on Tuesday.

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