Picking up the red leaders plates before a Triple Crown weekend means having twice as many of them. They were prominently displayed on both the race and backup bike for Eli Tomac.

While he waits for Colt Nichols to return to action from an injury, Trevor Carmichael was busy helping out on Shane McElrath's backup bike. Shane took over the 250 East lead last week with his win in Tampa.

Oops. The sponsor logos for Shane McElrath's red plates didn't make it on there, so Matt Winter had to do a little bit of arts and crafts to add them on there.

Whoa, now there's a star-spangled Allsport Dynamics wrist brace for Shane McElrath.

Ben LaMay made his first appearance of the season with the FXR Chaparral Honda team, and while he jammed his thumb on press day, he did give qualifying a shot. Unfortunately, he missed out on a spot in the final motos.

They may have been out already this season, but with the chilly temperatures in the Dallas area, this was the first time we'd seen tire warmers in action.

So fresh and clean.

The GEICO Honda boys are back to their traditional red/black look after starting the season with the black/white combo at Tampa for the St. Jude-themed race.

Speaking of the fundraising for St. Jude, this exact replica of Ryan Dungey's championship ring just went up for auction. Want to take a crack at it? Visit https://aesbid.net/CROSS20/Item?id=1001&categoryId=26490&page=1

Jerry Robin had a sweet new custom-painted 6D helmet for the weekend.

FXR also had some cool LE gear that made its appearance this weekend.

More arts and crafts. Just about all the mechanics around the pits (like Nick McCampbell here) have templates of the shape needed for their rider's grip tape. They trace it out onto rolls of grip tape and then get busy with scissors to cut out sets of them to have on hand.

Everyone had extra cleanup this week to get the sand out of their equipment after Tampa. The SmarTop | Bullfrog Spas | MotoConcepts | Honda guys obvious had it covered.

Ah yes, remember when this was a state-of-the-art four-stroke motocross bike?

This was Henry Miller's first race of the season, after he was injured in Australia, but unfortunately, he missed out on qualifying for tonight's motos.

AJ Catanzaro's collection of helmets.

This was the first Triple Crown for the 250 East guys, so they had their evil twins ready to go.

Whoa, this is pretty cool. How about a titanium t-handle? The guys at Factory Wrench have been building some cool tools, and did this one up for C-Lo.

Eli Tomac has a new high-vis yellow addition to his Bell helmet, that matches up nicely with his new Alpinestars gear.

Ivan Tedesco gives some tips to Garrett Marchbanks before he heads out onto the track for practice.

Whoa...those sprocket bolts...

Seven has been rolling out some new gear lately. The stuff up top for Jordan Bailey is pretty subtle, and there are some bolder items, like Malcolm Stewart's new goodies (below).


Our own Grant Dawson, rocking the number one photo vest.

It's nice to see Mike Gosselaar back at the races, working with Kyle Peters.

Let's peek around some of the race team's pit carts while they're not looking. Extra fuel? Yep. Pit boards and tools? Yes again.

We recently saw someone in the forum ask if teams had a way to bend back bent handlebars. That'd be the big center item for the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki guys.

The Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki team also has a large persuader of their own...just in case.

Just about all the teams have electric wrenches set up to make wheel changes faster. Rather than change sockets, there are wrenches for the pinch bolts and axle nuts. Check out the difference in start block sizes used by Justin Barcia (left), and Aaron Plessinger (right).

You'll frequently see track maps taped to pit boards during qualifying to help riders and teams quickly make sure they're talking about the same section of the track.

Jimmy DeCotis is riding with a deep bone bruise on his tailbone. That can't be fun...or comfortable.

In one of the unique sections of this weekend's track, there's a wall jump/sweeper section before the finish line. In order to make sure people don't jump across it, this pole was added, which makes it look like a Step-Up at the X Games.

Security is definitely bigger in TX.

The pits were on the opposite side of the stadium this year, and it made for a rather long walk. Instead of the usual march to the track, the KJSR kits rode their bikes down to the track for practice.

Are helmets bigger in Texas? Judging by this jumbo-sized display unit in the Wal-Mart across the street from the stadium, yes.

Stadiums are bigger for sure. So are the tailgating chairs.

That's right...Moto & Ink and Kevin Moranz support the youth. You can check them out at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Moto1nk/

RJ Hampshire's bar setup. He's a fan of the solid mounts.

Dr. Navarro going to work on Jordon Smith. (It was just some regularly-scheduled maintenance.)

Ah yeah, starting line rituals. Apparently, Chase Sexton likes to slap his helmet repeatedly before the gate drops. He'll be doing a lot of slapping tonight, among the three motos.

Don't worry, go on ahead without me.

Unfortunately, Adam Cianciarulo crashed in the first qualifying session of the day, when he got bucked off the top of the dragonback. He sustained a broken left collarbone. Here's hoping he heals up quickly.

Don't ask us why we still line up behind the gate for this kind of shot. We must like eating roost.

Darian Sanayei is back racing in the U.S., since he's aged out of the MX2 class, and not ready for a full-time 450 ride. While he's been doing the Arenacross series, he also came over to take a crack at his first Supercross. Unfortunately, he was in fourth in the LCQ, and missed out on a transfer after some last-corner contact.

The whoops are long. gnarly, and were eating up people in practice. Enzo Lopes demonstrates.

Caption time!

The whoop section here runs the full length of one lane. Watch for this as an action spot tonight.

Shane McElrath was blazing fast in practice, nabbing the top 250 spot by almost a second.

Chase Sexton was second quickest in the 250 timed sessions.

Jeremy Martin negotiating the tricky dragonback during qualifying. He was third on the time sheets.

Jordon Smith checked in at the fourth spot for the 250s.

Rounding qualfied fifth in the 250 class. RJ Hampshire.

Justin Hill (46) nabbed the top spot in 450 qualifying, and he was in that spot during both sessions.

Eli Tomac qualified second in the 450s.

Martin Davalos showed good speed in qualifying and he picked off the third position.

Cooper Webb had a great race here last year, and he qualified fourth.

Jason Anderson rounded out the top five in the 450s.

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GuyB GuyB 2/22/2020 4:55 PM

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"Apparently, Chase Sexton likes to slap his helmet repeatedly"........gold right there! laughing

Thanks for the pictures, that roost one was perfect timing!.

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That tool Pro Circuit has for straightening bent handlebars is actually an old-school Park Tools bicycle frame straightening tool. Back I the day I used it on many occasions to realign bent frame seat & chainstays. Could also be used as a gnarly self-defense weapon.

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