Vital MX Pit Bits: 2022 Washougal

Pit Bits below. Enjoy the sights from the 2022 Washougal National.

Olly stone producing a little tire grooving aboard Barcia's machine. TLD is one of a couple teams we've seen grooving their 250 team rear tires are certain rounds...but the 450 getting the treatment is a bit more unique.

Barcia is on a fairly longer spec head pipe. For this generation bike though, we think there's even one longer that was used primarily in GPs.

That is one big fuel tank...

Barcia has also bounced around a bit this year on frames but seems to be settled on the one featuring a cross member in the front of the we saw popular with the Factory KTMs the past two years or so.


Eli has been chasing this red plate all season and defended it well at Washougal.

On the 450 side of things of Star, there hasn't been the wild changes that we've seen on the 250 side. They've stuck with their aftermarket parts in certain places, instead of going to stock or searching.

Still using Kite hubs.

The 450 Star crew runs billet Nissin calipers while the 250 effort mostly uses production cast calipers.

We'll be very curious if that 2023 YZ450F is hydraulic clutch or still cable. Eli Tomac is one of many riders that choose a solid lever instead of folding lever from ARC.

New Fox digs? We're getting closer and closer to 2023 gear drops.

Another look.

One more with Seth for good measure.

Alex Martin is winding down the pro career with just four more races to go. He was also rocking some upcoming gear from FXR.

Anyone tried a massage gun for a warm up?

We're winding down Jett Lawrence's 250 motocross career, with only four rounds remaining after Washougal. It's almost a guarantee at this point that Honda will take home a 250 National Championship for the second year in a row.

Still rocking stock fork lugs.

In case you forgot, the 250 HRC crew is running a hydraulic clutch...when the stock bike comes with a cable clutch.



Antonio Cairoli is returning...soon...

Warming up is always important.

All blue Tech 10s? We sure hope these make production for 2023.

The Red Bull KTM rig is going to be awfully full next Supercross season with five to six riders potentially under the awning. Better make some room over at hospitality...

Max Vohland's results are really coming around as of late and so is the bike. The past two of three rounds has seen Max sample a new engine combination, which has boosted low-to-mid performance.

It's interesting to see the opened up top engine mounts, considering Cairoli's comments were the current production chassis is a bit too "soft" compared to the stiffer frame in MXGP use.

Handguard life as always for Max.


Where will the 94 land in 2023? Still at HRC but on a SX only deal possibly?

It's interesting the differences in the HRC team headers versus production Yoshimura systems. It's all to match their engine packages as the 450 system is much longer than stock...while the 250 race system is much shorter than stock.

It's interesting that Ken Roczen is still sticking with a traditional shock when the BRFC is working so well for Chase Sexton. Rider preference and shock character matters a lot.

That ain't no calculator...

More new Fox goodies or a one-off?

Would you rock it?

Dillan Schwartz has made his long awaited return!

Could BarX be on a different color bike in 2023? Talk around the pits is they might be looking for a change...

One of a few 250s rocking an electric water pump this year.

Some Dogger vibes with Sexton's latest kit. Alpinestars does so many custom kits for their riders, it's hard to guess if this is making production in '23 or just another one-off for Sexton.

We dig it.

The AEO Powersports KTM team has been making an impression this season both indoors and outdoors. We've heard they've been extended some more support by KTM and we'll see them back and even better in 2023.

Even smaller teams have options. Long header...

Short header.

Neken clamps are back on Thrasher's machine.

Justin Cooper is still on some unique items, such as stock triple clamps.

Slingshot engage...see ya at Unadilla!

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