Vital MX Pit Bits: 2022 Southwick National 2

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This weekend's Pit Bits is a little lighter on the tech side, featuring a bit more of the lifestyle and cool shots from around the pits and race. Enjoy!

The red plate swap didn't last long between brothers. However, we're slightly bummed. That black background and white number one looks GOOD!

Again, LOOK AT IT!

Ty Masterpool was still graphic-less for Southwick.

How many riders could Star keep squeezing under this tent...

Nate Thrasher picked up some goodies. He's picked up on the Steg Pegz from his compadre Levi Kitchen.

The Neken triple clamps were back as well for Thrasher. We believe this leaves Justin Cooper as the only riders under the tent with stock clamps.

Joey Savatgy don't need no boot cleaner! Speaking of Joey...we're getting curious where he'll land in 2023.

Romano is now on stock engine hangers, but still on Neken clamps.

Six more rounds of that RD butt patch...

Orange gear is stuff sell, but Fox nailed this one.

Max Anstie was a little extra colorful this weekend at Southwick compared to the other Fly riders, as his Firepower Honda was rocking some wild colors to match the Froth brand on his helmet.

Anstie should be racing four more Nationals this year. How high can he place?

Levi Kitchen went for a different look this weekend, rocking a new Thor chest protector on the outside of his jersey. We've noticed a few brands pushing to make their own version of the Alpinestars chest protector most of the field has run under their jerseys for the past few seasons.

Hmmm...Eli Tomac isn't the only blue rider rocking "these" bar mounts.

Matt LeBlanc was also rocking Thor's latest chest protector...albeit he rode with it on in the Alpinestars Medic Mule at one point.

Fly Racing dropped a new LE gear set over the weekend which was visible all over the track.

We're starting to wonder where Joey Savatgy will land in 2023.

Peanut giving it the ole once over.

Ian Southwell giving Seth Hammaker's a clean bill of health before it goes on track.

MattyG doing...something...

Mitch Payton is looking pretty chipper these days...

Probably cause of how this guy has been racing lately.

The 250 team has been a bit up and down lately, but the 450 crew is still putting a smile on Bobby Reagan's face.

What does it take three mechanics to do? Hmm...

Did you know that Yamaha has their own line of e-assist pedal bikes? Mountain, road, and gravel!

Is the cooling vest the reason for this photo? Naw, look at that mustache!

Ken Roczen had unique kit this weekend. It wasn't a LE that went up for sale...would you buy it if it did though?

Boots, gear and goggles all matching.

Wonder what Alpinestars visor budget looks like...

Things got a little heated after moto one.

Caption this.

Will this be the only race we see Jett Lawrence race on a black background?


Enjoy the last six Troll Train. Incase you missed it, Alex Martin announced he will retire at the conclusion of the 2022 AMA Pro Motocross series.

Serious Gilly...

It's still white...for now? This championship run-off between Tomac and Sexton is getting exciting.

Jason Anderson is one of many riders that has swapped to Alpinestars vented Tech 10s for the Summer.

Keeping the weight down. The Monster Energy Kawasaki team's graphics ends on the sideplates right after the white background cuts off. Leaving the lower side plate exposed.

The Cowboy is back!

See you all next week!

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