Vital MX Pit Bits: 2022 Ironman National

Check out the latest and greatest from around the paddock and on the track from the 2022 Ironman National!

"We'll race em when it's time" - Jason Weigandt acting as Brian Deegan

Please, please make these production Alpinestars.

Gavin Towers was one of the amateurs who turned pro for Ironman. However, the NSA Yamaha rider had to pull out after hearing his knee pop early in the day.

The National Sheriff Associations Yamaha Factory Am Team dabbled in the pros this weekend with Towers, along with supporting Evan ferry, Avery Long, and Crockett Myers in the combine.

A look at Gavin Towers' NSA Yamaha YZ250F.

The engine in the NSA Yamaha's starts life as a GYTR equipped motor and is further massaged by Ed Torrance.

Enzo A-Kit spring forks aboard Towers' machine.

Vented front plates are making a strong comeback this Summer and we're all about it!

Justin Rodbell joined the HEP squad for the final two rounds of the season, as Brandon Hartranft would be unable to race due to injury and needed surgery.

Last minute number equals iron ons!

We miss the blue front fenders on the Star machines. It was nice to see it back at least for a weekend with Deegan's machine.

Haiden was said to be racing the exact bike from Loretta Lynn's.

Few small differences to the pro bikes under the tent. Such as production fork tubes and shock body.

The stock Yamaha KYB fork tubes have a set of PSF1 air fork cartridges inserted in them.

We haven't seen anyone on the Star team use Neken's SFS. shock bar mounts in a few years, but Deegan lined up with them.

Hmm the "am spec" motor still has an electric water pump.

Engine mounts and mounting hardware were stock. The whole bike has a mix of titanium and stock steel hardware.

Chance Hymas' bike was off to the side on pro day but we were able to get a peek at it.

The bike Chance raced at Ironman was different than his Loretta Lynn's bike. His LL Bike had production suspension, some production chassis items and a somewhat different spec on the engine and associated performance items. The bike he had at Ironman though was the real deal and a near replica of what the Lawrences are on.

A-Kit Showa shock.

Works HRC hubs.

Shorter Yoshmura header spec to match the latest engine and airbox spec.

Another peek at Jett's #1 machine.

The HRC squad has really turned around the perception of the CRF250R in the past two years, in terms of how competitive it can be.

It's been fun to watch Jo Shimoda step up on the later half of this Summer.

Levi Kitchen attempted a comeback at Ironman with new wrist braces as well. However, it seemed to be too early for the Monster Energy Star Yamaha racer, as he ended up pulling out of his motos and won't be racing the finale at Fox 2.

After missing Budds Creek due to a mid-week crash and shoulder injury, Ryder D attempted a return at Ironman...but clearly he wasn't back to 100%.

The latest SKDA Classic's Series aboard Jeremy Hand's machine.

Stock pipe life.

Cullin Park and the Phoenix Honda crew knocked out their sixth and final National of the year.

Black on black on black.

Ummm, that's not a KYB fork...

Aaron Plessinger knows how to celebrate!

The Sushi fan base is growing.

One more ahead for the #3.

The young Spanish rider, Guillem Farres, is rumored to have locked in a two year deal with Star Racing. Motocross only in 2023 and Supercross and Motocross in 2024.

Farres also picked up the Steg Pegz from his teammate Levi Kitchen.


Good to have Malcolm back in outdoors after eight years away from the series.


RJ Hampshire has been one of the more vocal riders on the new generation Austrian machines. As of the last few weeks though, RJ has mentioned that they've seen some major improvements in the engine department and something fork or front end related that assisted in his feeling on the bike.

The new FMF Megabomb plus headpipe.

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna's Talon Hawkins had another shot at a pro national with the pro team. As with his last go, he was on a 2022 spec bike instead of a 2023 like the pro team.

Hawkins is still operating on his amateur suspension. A set of WP 48 CV Pro Components kit fork and shock, tuned by Factory Connection.

Need more grip tape?

Nick just has that effect on people.

That morning glow...

One more week and one more race in Jett Lawrence's 250 Motocross career. See you all there!

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