Vital MX Pit Bits: 2022 High Point National 6

Check out the latest and greatest in this week's edition of Pit Bits!

Our staff was a DNS this weekend due to being under the weather, so our friends at Octopi took the reigns of Pit Bits for this weekend. Check it out!

It feels too soon to say goodbye. We're crossing our fingers that Antonio Cairoli finds his way back come Red Bud.

It's been a true treat to see the #222 this summer.

Hello again Benny.


The crew from Fox dropped a new LE kit this weekend call Celz. Kinda Spiderman themed in our opinon.

The red touches are sick.

A little orange looked good too.


Outdoors is mullet time! Rock on Kenny.

Big comparison here! All Star 250s have gone to stock hubs.
Nick Romano's machine still features MCL engine mounts, Neken triple clamps and kit fork tubes with a multi-shock adjuster.
Matt LeBlanc's bike is similarly equipped to Nick Romano's
Levi Kitchen's was similar but with a softer top engine mount and the Step Pegz equipped. He also has the same bar mounts as Eli Tomac, which are non-Neken.
Thrasher's machine differs a little more with stock engine mounts, stock triple clamps / bar mounts, and a standard shock adjuster.
Then there's J-Coop's machine which is stock engine mounts, triple clamps, standard shock adjuster and stock upper fork tubes.
These stock upper tubes seem to be from a YZ two stroke model or an older four stroke as that taper hasn't been in use on the YZ250F model in many years.
J-Coops stock upper fork tubes are tapered differently and probably have a little more flex in them then the kit tubes.
Some riders on the team have also reverted to the production PSF1 fork cap from the Works version.
Kitchen's different bar mounts...
The right side of J-Coop's stock upper fork tubes. Note the taper in upper tube right before the top triple clamp area.

Christian Craig had a special helmet for father's day, featuring some artwork from his children.

One of the artists holding his work.

Acerbis handguards and Max Vohland are almost synonymous with each other. Did you know his father Tallon Vohland heads up Acerbis USA?

Vented sideplate for Vohland.

As we've mentioned before, KTM's factory split clamp isn't actually fully split, as it's tied together at the pinch bolt point.


Aaron Plessinger is sporting a Mobius wrist brace on his left wrist this summer.

It's like this guy has done this a time or two.

Brian Kranz was back at the races this weekend, wrenching and pit boarding for Joey Savatgy.


So many fans, so many helmets being dried...better grab the right one!

We haven't been able to get to close up to the Monster Kawis this year but we did notice a little tid bit between Savatgy and Anderson's machines. Look at the header on Savatgy's machine...

While Anderson's is much longer right out of the engine.

It's starting to feel like the red plate won't be leaving the number one in the 250 class. Plus, Jett's number one font looks pretty damn awesome.

Matchy, matchy.

Hunter Lawrence may have seem a bit frustrated at the end of moto two but that went away after a few minutes. You have to admit, battling your brother tooth and nail for the win would be frustrating because how do you mentally break someone who will never want to lose to you? And this goes both ways ha! It's fun to watch, these two are making the summer entertaining for sure.

Number colors that match the bikes always gets us. So good.

The HRC tent might be getting use to all this red now.

However, we're not sure we're used to the 90s shades on the podiums again...yet.

It took Eli Tomac four rounds of Supercross to return to the top step and he's done the same come outdoors.

Tell me you watched Top Gun: Maverick...without telling me you watched Top Gun: Maverick.See you all at Red Bud!

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