Vital MX Pit Bits: 2018 MXGP of Portugal

Ruts, ruts, and more ruts! Portugal was an interesting one...on and off the track and you know Pit Bits covers both, so let's dive on in!

Let's just be honest here, this guy is on his top 250 run...heck, probably even better.

Jordi Tixier's bike is on display, but not on the track quite as of yet.

4D Concept is an odd one, but a quick little dig shows it's a French company that develops software and apps.

The BOS boys are running Dunlops, more specifically the new MX33 front tire that's yet to be released.

Spring for Tixier, after using air for some off-season Supercross races. It's also interesting to see him on 7/8th bars.

After starting the season a bit behind the eight-ball due to a knee rebuild that limited his off-season, Covington has re-injured his knee and may need another surgery...hoping for the best Thomas!

Jorge Prado put on a perfect weekend to take a big chunk out of lead Pauls Jonass had built up. One-one races feel good.

Holy ruts, as Romain Febvre demonstrates his navigation skills.

The Rinaldi bikes aren't quite as wild as they've been in the past, as they're running stock tanks and subframes...along with what appears to be a more stock intake from the outside.

In the past they've had custom cases, custom intakes, welded swingarms and more! But most of the mods look minor and protective in a sense these days.

Tim Gajser looked a bit more like his old self, placing it on the podium in the first moto and fifth in moto two...enough for third overall behind the titans.

After a DNF in moto one, Clemente Desalle slips to fourth in the overall points as Romain Febvre moves up a spot.

Taking a peak at the KRT bikes during staging and we really wish we could say why there's tape on the swingarm. We're going to guess that due to the soft conditions, the teams were taking extra precautions to keep the axle nut and end from digging into the ruts and packing up.

While the US Kawi team manufactures their own pegs, or has them made for their use per se...the KRT group goes with a set of titanium Raptor pegs.

Left side we've got some extra drilled holes to provide airflow into the airbox, along with a better look at the one piece carbon subframe/'airbox they utilize.

Glenn Coldenhoff has yet to hit the podium this season but a string of consistent results has him sixth in points, seven shy of Gautier Paulin in fifth.

What started out as a solid championship defense has kinda fallen apart the last two rounds for Pauls Jonass, as he lets more points slip away to Jorge Prado.

Benoit Paturel is back in a full-time capacity, as the Frenchman locked down a ride with the Leopard/Marchetti KTM team for the MXGP class.

While Benoit has some support in terms of suspension, it would appear the engine might be unmodified or just lightly touched up.

Wrist watch meets handlebars.

It's a bit odd to see a KTM with a larger capacity tank, as their stock setups hold more than any other OEM. We usually only see Herlings with a CRM Karbotank come full sand GPs.

The stock KTM sideplates flex a bit when aggressive legs are applied, a small carbon guard acts as a bit of reinforcement.

Italian brand FABA takes care of the hubs.

Jeffrey Herlings starting up front is bad news for Cairoli...

Thomas Kjer Olsen loses a few more points to Prado but gained a few on Jonass. He sits third in the title and looks to be the only other MX2 rider that has a chance at taking some occasional points away from the two KTM factory riders.

Another round and another six points that Cairoli has let fall in between him and Herlings...

The Kemea Yamaha MX2 team recieves some help from Rinaldi racing...who takes care of their engine mods, plus ignition cases and gear setup to run the custom electric starter for the YZ250F.

See, no kickstart over here.

The nut buster is back. We're guessing due to the new CRF250R's engine must be a bit limited down below for a larger tank. And Panta is a new fuel brand we haven't heard of before...

Ben Watson just missed the MX2 overall podium but did sneak up into the top three in moto two.

We don't see the BUD team as often as we used to, as they focus on the EMX250 title these days and not the full MX2 series.

BUD has been aligned with Ohlins for around five years now, before that they ran and sold Showa kit suspension.

While we're used to seeing subframes and fuel tanks from CRM, we have to admit that a simple skidplate is a bit rare for them.

Lots of green for the BUD team, who's usually a little more colorful on their hardparts.

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