Vital MX Pit Bits: 2018 MXGP of Lombardia 2

Get a peek at the latest in the paddock from the MXGP of Lombardia along with some of the action from on the track

MXGP delivers again, with both on the track action and off the track goodies in the pits from the second round held in Italy this year, the GP of Lombardia.

Different faces up front as Max Nagl aboard his TM, Kevin Strjibos (22 KTM), Alessandro Lupino (77 Kawasaki) and more get the aggressive jump.

Two Australian's chatting half way across the world in Italy. Chad Reed on vacation and Todd Waters getting another shot at the GPs. Check out our interview with Waters about the experience, up on the homepage.

The numbers are coming down, as Jorge Prado took another bite out of Pauls Jonass title lead in MX2.

TKO sits in a weird spot points wise, clear of fourth but so far away from the top two. Baring injury, he's nearly guaranteed third in the MX2 title hunt.

The fan support for Antonio Cairoli was strong, it is in his home country after-all...

Evgeny Borbyshev's BOS Suzuki RM-Z450 had a yellow fender for a couple rounds but it's back to white now...although, there are a few Suzuki logos splashed throughout the bike.

Being that BOS is their own suspension company, it's not a surprise to see one of their team bikes equipped with a full custom linkage.

Gautier Paulin digging it in as he heads for second overall.

EMX250 points leader, Mathys Boisrame has a fairly trick CRF250R we drooled over...

The forks look trick from the outside but seem to have a stock internal cartridge.

Cooling is a priority for the latest CRF250R, with a cooling fan on the left side and then the right side features an oil cooler.

Between the guard over the oil cooler, the oil cooler itself, and the oddly proportioned HGS exhaust...there's a lot going on here.

We also spotted a Kite rear brake reservoir extender.

It's not unheard of but definitely odd to see Brembo brake calipers on a non-KTM/Husky machine. This one appears to be a stock take-off from a KTM with a custom caliper mount to latch it to the Honda's lugs.

Ben Watson and Pauls Jonass battled it out down to the wire in the second MX2 moto. Ben sits fourth in points comfortably.

There's a lot of racing to go but Jorge Prado is making his bid for the MX2 title known.

As we've shown before, the KRT KX450F-SRs are quite unique and have a ton of goodies. This round we noticed their large onboard fans were removed from the left radiator though.

Check the lock on the brake caliper, no one is taking off with this ride! Unlike the US machine, which features the oil cooler on the right side of the cylinder head, the KRT bike has it mounted mid way along the right radiator.

Moto Tassanari's Air4orce air boots hit the market heavy a few years ago. But has since not updated the parts as the bikes have changed and we've seen them drop away in the pro pits. However, the KRT team still squeezed one on their KX450Fs.

It's not common to see 450 teams looking for more air with drilled out airboxes or sideplates.

Lieber uses X-Trig ROCS clamps with solid bar mounts and a small bit of riser blocks.

While Clemente Desalle continues with his one piece X-Trig top clamp and bar mounts. He's been using these since his time at Suzuki and being that it's machine from a solid block of billet aluminum, we imagine it has to be quite rigid...

The KRT team uses a hydro clutch, which require them to block off the existing hole from the cable actuated arm and machine out the side of the case for the hydro's slave cylinder.

Antonio Cairoli capitalized on the missing Jeffrey Herlings with a one-one performance. Herlings still retains the points lead, by not by much now.

Five-six scores marks an okay weekend for Romain Febvre.

Max Anstie has been hot and cold this season, but he was on fire in Italy with third overall. Also, check out the USWE water park tucked under Desalle's jersey.

We still can't get over the seat bump...or wall that's aboard Jeremy van Horebeek's ride.

While snooping around, we noticed another difference between JVH and Febvre's ride as JCH has this head pipe...

While Febvre has a beefier pipe with a resonance chamber. Apparently Febvre likes more down-low grunt.

Thomas Covington making the early block off the start in MX2.

With a first moto win, it's clear to see why Rockstar Husqvarna wants Covington back in the US next year to lead their 250 lineup.

When you gotta cool off, you do what you gotta do.

This is how Tommy Searle's day ended, on the starting gate with a dead bike.

Fill-in rider, Anthony Rodriguez, started the year in the US but is now squeaking into the top 10 in the MX2 class.


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