Vital MX Pit Bits: 2018 MXGP of Bulgaria

Another round of MXGP, another chance to find some trickery in the puts and action on the track. This edition is straight from Bulgaria, enjoy.

Back-to-back podium appearances for Hunter Lawrence is putting his season on the right track before MXdN, where he will make his debut with the GIECO Honda team prior to the 2019 season.

Since we missed out Pit Bits from last weekend, here's a shot out to Jeremy Seewer's home race kit from Switzerland.

Including custom gear from IXS.

The Kemea Yamaha team got a late season present as they were able to lineup on the new 2019 YZ250F.

In the background, you'll notice that there's a 2018 for Alex Rodriguez.

Jago Geerts, the rider aboard the new YZ250F, was injured at Switzerland and broke his collarbone.

It's interesting to see a mix of titanium and steel for the chassis bolts on the new Kemea bikes, chasing a certain feel.

The upper tubes may not have fancy coatings but it's still nice to keep the safe.

The new cases look quite clean without the kickstarter. Also, GYTR doesn't supply as many parts as they do for the US Star Racing team, but clutches are amongst the items you'll find from them aboard the Kemea bike.

Instead of a GYTR head, the Kemea team receives their's from Rinaldi racing. Rinaldi heads are easy to spot with the gold finish eyelets they run in place of a full forming head gasket.

GET electronics onboard the latest YZ250F

Making the kill switch just a bit harder to press.

Jorge Prado may have lost a moto to Pauls Jonass, but he still extended his overall points lead and is now 30 points up on his fellow KTM rider.

TKO just finished off the podium with fourth overall but sits safely in third for the points standings of MX2.

From here, we can see the back of Tim Gajser's under protector. In the MXGP series, riders are required to have hard shell or CE certified chest and back protection either over or under their jerseys.

From here, we can get a view of Showa's BFRC stuffed into the CRF250R.

Mmmm, can we please have some HRC titanium pegs?

Notice the reflective tape on the bottom of the airbox? Seems either the HRC team is concerned about the twin pipes heating the incoming air, before entering the engine...or they're concerned it'll melt the carbon fiber box end. We'd suspect the first reasoning.

Here we can see the point that the CRF250R's oil cooler inserts into the case.

Romain Febvre was fast all weekend but ended up on the ground and a few mistakes relegated him to fifth overall.

Four-eleven scores for Thomas Covington, with just a few rounds left in his GP career...hopefully he'll land another podium or moto win.

Clemente Desalle is still holding onto third in the points, although Tim Gajser is reeling him in round-by-round.

Ohh now why is there a button down here? According to the team, this is what's pressed to activate the RPM gauge we've seen on the front fenders, which aids on starts.

The last two rounds we noticed that Antonio Cairoli had a black upper triple clamp, while it's back to orange this round it's still different than what Herlings is using. This is probably the new clamp that Cairoli has been using the last few rounds but finally in team colors. Scroll down to see the clamp area difference between his and Herlings set. (Note, the bolts are in the rear on this and on Herlings they're out front)

The two riders do use different bar types (Herling Twinwall, Cairoli Fatbar) and you can see here that Herlings top clamp has the pinch bolts up front instead.

The side view is telling as well, here we can see Cairli's lower clamp has more material under the second ridge...

While Herlings set ends earlier, meaning the flex characteristic on the middle of the tube is changed.

Marshal Weltin's new ride seems to be clicking with him as he laid down two consistent seventh place finishes.

Pauls Jonass has been picking up moto wins as of late, but still losing points to Jorge Prado in the overalls. We're wondering if he really will move up to MXGP next year?

We're also curious what Anthony Rodriguez will do next year as his fill-in gig with Kemea Yamaha is going well but we're pretty sure he ages out of MX2 for 2019.

The BOS team had some big news this weekend. First off, Jordi Tixier has split with the team. Second off, the team has signed Tommy Searle for next year and we believe they're retaining Evgeny Bobryshev. Third off, they'll be on Kawasakis next year.

It'll be interesting to see if there's still a Suzuki in the MXGP paddock next year.

Ben Watson's season is clicking away as he keeps getting better and better but fourth for the season seems to be his as TKO is a bit too far to catch. It'll be interesting to see how he does at MXdN with all the competition mixed in.

With Paulin's lanky build it's not surprising to see him run a tall seat that has a very flat profile.

Sounds like Paulin is off at Rockstar Husqvarna next year as well. Meaning the team will have two fresh faces with one rumored to be Arminas Jasakonis.

HSL was very popular in the MXGP pits just a few season ago but the fad has seemed to died off for many riders, but Gautier Paulin still runs one.

Unlike the Raptor or Nihilo pegs we're used to seeing on factory Husqvarnas or KTMs, we're not too sure who's making the ones for the MXGP Husqvarna team is using..but they're drool worthy. Also, check out the safety wire thats been run from the top to bottom of the peg pin, along with tucking it behind the return spring so it doesn't snag on the rider's boot or something else.

A peek at Max Anstie's Husqvarna FC 450.

A standard shock link is found on Max Anstie's bike. Also, the factory WP shock here has a low and high speed rebound adjuster. At this angle, you can see the low speed adjuster while the high speed is found just behind that link.  Note, we also found the bolt that sets the height of the brake pedal has two nuts holding it in place, safety first.

Where will both of these riders end up in 2019? As rumors say there's two new riders bound for Rockstar Husqvarna.

Eleven straight moto wins for The Bullet.

It's been a while since Antonio Cairoli has finished off the podium overall, but one rough moto cost him that. Now, he's 73 points behind Jeffrey Herlings.

While the KTM boys are heavily outfitted in the titanium department, some key areas retain steel bolts...such as the shock mounting points.

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