Vital MX Perspective: Arenacross Finals

The final showdown of the 2017 Amsoil Arenacross series crowns Gavin Faith as a two-time champion.

Heading into the final Arenacross race of 2017, it was a three-rider showdown for the title between Gavin Faith, Chris Blose, and Jace Owen. It's interesting to venture over from Supercross, where we spend most of our time, and see the differences in racing. On-track contact that would have fans spinning wildly in their seats on the Supercross side is everyday stuff for the Arenacross guys, and for the most part they're comfortable racing that way. Yeah, there are certain lines they try not to venture across, but it's definitely more aggressive.

But there's also a different kind of camaraderie among the top guys here. As an example, after the race Chris Blose held me off for an interview...twice. Why? The first time was so he could go congratulate Jace Owen on his season, and the second time so he could do the same with Gavin Faith. I can respect that.

Yep, that's some good, hard racing in the heat races...and stuff you regularly see happen. While Supercross may be about speed and finesse, Arenacross is more grit and muscle.

In the AX Lites Class Regional Shootout, Jacob Williamson (91) scored the win, while Ryan Breece (15) grabbed the Western Regional AX Lites Class Championship, and Justin Cooper took home the Eastern Regional AX Lites Class Championship.

In the first of the two 250AX mains, Jace Owen was out front early, but Chris Blose made his way to the lead.

With a decent points lead made slightly healthier by winning the head-to-head challenge earlier in the night, Gavin Faith's plan was the avoid conflict, and mostly follow Chris Blose. But when Chris bobbled here in the whoops, Gavin took advantage, and sprinted by.

Gavin Faith took the first main win, and was one step closer to taking home his second straight title.

Here's the start of the final main event of the season. The tension before this one was high. Gavin got out front early, but Jace owen got by and took the final main win of the season.

Chris Blose crashed out rather spectacularly in the second main, when he got bucked after coming up short on a double into a bowl turn, and his bike cartwheeled for some distance off the berm. That allowed Jace Owen to grab second overall in the series. To say Jace was frustrated with the points reset that they use in Arenacross would be an understatement...he won 17 mains this season, to Faith's nine.

Click the start button below to listen in to a post-race chat with Chris Blose.

Gavin Faith took home the Ricky Carmichael Cup again, for winning his second straight Arenacross title.

Click the start button below to listen in to a post-race chat with Gavin Faith.

Gavin Faith and his family getting in some championship photo time...before Jace Owen crashed the party and sprayed them all with champagne.

Photos: GuyB


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