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The MXGP of Indonesia was quite the event with an all-new track and race held on an island! Scroll through for some of the cool parts and unique scenery.

The MXGP of Indonesia had some interesting opening ceremonies.

The scenery was fairly epic.

The teams are becoming more and more accustomed to fly aways and how they pack their lives away.

Vialle's spare bike check list.

Mattia Guadagnini has some custom Sidi Crossfire 3s.

New way to make gate choices?

HRC boys traveling in style.


Tim Gajser taking a look out towards the ocean.

At first glance, almost all of the riders were stoked on the track but after racing it...most agreed it was very, very tough to pass on.

Kawasakis are always known for being choppered out but their carts as well?

Little nac-whip on the Fantic.

A closer look at Kevin Horgmo's F&H Kawasaki KX250.

The engine is done in-house and the engine mounts they're running are quite interesting.

A few years back, the F&H team was more closely tied with Pro Circuit but the only part remaining we notice is their water pump and shift lever on the bike.

No fancy carbon chain guides or anything too unique here, just a plastic Polisport one.

The team utilizes some heavily customized CRM carbon protectors that cover their KYB kit forks and the lower triple clamps.

Carbon tipped HGS exhaust.

Let the unboxing begin!

Who doesn't love a carbon tank wrapped in gold reflective tape?

Vortex ECU for the F&H crew.

Rider turnout for the fly-aways is...concerning to say the least.


Looks like the old engine hybrid bike the KTM crew is running is a bit more effective off the starts.

The pit area lineup.

Caption this.

We wouldn't mind if one of these crates were "accidentally" shipped our way.

With Husqvarna losing their global partnership with Rockstar this year, it's been kind of cool to see what the brand has done with certain efforts and expanding on the Husqvarna branding.

These stock-ish looking upper tubes make from a distance look like the ones Justin Cooper is using in the US, but they're a bit different on the taper.

Spares packed up safely.

The throttle, hydro clutch and electronics on Coldenhoff's machine had some extra care taken towards them.

Holy wiring hell...

This doesn't look good...

Getting worse...

Really not going well now...


Dude, what hit me...

Packed tight!

Tim Gajser is on HRC-style clamps produced by Talon Engineering, while...

Ruben Fernandez, who through 114 Honda, is basically on a 2021 season HRC Honda 450. However, he has gone the route of trying X-Trig clamps like Chase Sexton did for a few round. Also, his forks may appear works from the outside but they actually have a production cartridge slipped inside.

The bike overall is basically a leftover machine from Evans or Gajser's 21 season.

The race teams aren't the only ones packed tightly.

Support programs go through the same difficulties the teams do.

The IceOne Kawasaki crew seems to have their travel kit well thought out!

Spectators looking for the best view in the house.

While thee US KTM/Husky/GasGas teams are mostly using a split triple clamp, the MXGP versions of these teams are almost all on a solid/stepped design instead.



Hmmm Total fuel for the Standing Construct Husqvarna team.

Who would buy this Fox / Husqvarna throwback kit?

Geerts left the red plate on the island…ohh and he might be on a different brand next year.

The DeCarli guys seem to have everything they need, even on an island.

Math time.

Jorge Prado's got some style...

Time to relax! See ya next week!

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