Vital MX Bike Face-Off: JGR vs LVN100 vs HEP Suzuki 8

Who's got the best looking Suzuki in the pits? Dive-in, drool over some photos, and vote on your favorite!

Vital MX Bike Face-Off: JGR vs LVN100 vs HEP Suzuki

Who's got the best Suzuki on the block...or in the pits we should say? We've got some drool worthy shots from the biggest RMArmy teams in the pits with the Yoshimura/JGR Suzuki Factory Racing squad, Hansen's LVN100/Nut-Up Industries program, and the H.E.P. Motorsports team. Scroll down to look through some shots of each team's bikes, the looks, the tech, and more to decide which one is the best in you eyes. To share your opinion hit the poll at the bottom of the page to vote for your favorite! Suzuki Factory Racing RM-Z450 & RM-Z250

JGR's bikes have long been on of our favorites to shoot; mostly due to the sheer number of one-off parts they've made over the years, the types of suspension they've used, and the aftermarket brands they've aligned themselves with. Now with their latest partnership with Suzuki as the factory US effort, there's a true mix of one-off in-house parts and works/factory goodies straight from Japan. Take a peek below and some of the goodies we found on Justin Bogle and Weston Peick's RM-Z450s and Justin Hill's RM-Z250.

Take a minute and let it all soak in, there's a lot going on with these bikes.

The JGR crew knows how to use data, and you'll always find them analyzing something on a laptop or tablet.

JGR machines have always been a quick stop to find plenty of parts that were billet machined, welded, or molded to their needs. Their latest upper engine hangers are straight beauties.

Although they don't use their exhausts, factory Suzuki and now JGR uses quite a few carbon components from Akrapovic.

Titanium nitrate coated lower tubes, works Nissin caliper, factory Showa lugs with different brake caliper mounting, then top it off with some carbon, trick stuff...trick stuff...

With Factory Suzuki support behind them, theres a splash of parts around the bike that are supplied by Japan, including these front engine mounts.

JGR has retained their own footpegs though, instead of the factory ones which were cast titanium...we want a set!

JGR now has the RM-Z250 program in-house and there's a lot going on with these bikes as well.

JGR has long offered suspension services and components, so it's not a surprise to see full linkages adorning their name on the bikes.

Air, air, and more air. The RM-Z250 race engine needs a bit more than stock. Spy the toggle switch too?

The JGR 250s leave no stone unturned, including a different throttle body and dual injector system. Check out the custom cage that Spencer Bloomer made to protect the second injector.

LVN100/Nut-Up Industries/Suzuki RM-Z450

Ever since Josh Hansen launched his own program, he's had some of the coolest bikes in the pits. In the past few years he's ridden a Kawasaki and then Husqvarna, but is now back to Suzuki as he was when he was free-riding and doing X-Games in 2013. This time around though, Hansen has a ton of personal support from Suzuki and he's even added a teammate with Matt Bisceglia under the awning. 

Josh Hansen has always had incredible style and his personal bikes tend to reflect that. Personally, I'm not the largest fan of yellow and red combo'd...but the LVN100/Nut-Up ride makes it work!

Josh's ride is mostly made of long-time supporters, with many of the brands have helped him in his last few solo ventures.

A black kashima Showa works shock adorns Hansen's RM-Z450.

Black, on black, on black...check out the radiators.

You'd have to Nut-Up to ride this bike...

For 2018, Josh has gotten a good amount of support from Suzuki, including a tie-in to get a similar engine package from the JGR squad.

Speaking of Suzuki support; Showa works lugs, Nissin brake calipers, and a works Suzuki rotor are onboard.

Josh Hansen has stuck with stock triple clamps, albeit with some factory bar mounts which are quite tall. As far back as we can remember, Josh has always ran raised mounts to retain a bar bend he likes. Note the suspension, it's not the latest set of Showa components but still works-level stuff from a few years ago.

Factory rims...

Josh's ride still rocks the traditional style Yoshimura RS-4 exhaust in all its carbon fiber glory.

H.E.P. Motorsports/FXR/Suzuki RM-Z450 & RM-Z250

The new kids on the block, well, sorta. H.E.P. Motorsports is made from a group of moto-enthusiasts, including the '88 125 National Champion George Holland (the H, in HEP). The team got rocking-and-rolling a little late this off season and is mostly based as a 450 squad with three guys on the new RM-Z450 (Dusty Pipes, Kyle Cunningham, and Henry Miller) and one 250 rider for the West Coast (Tallon Lafountaine). Without any major corporate backers, the bikes were able to retain a very clean look with just a few supporting brands and a classic blue and yellow shceme.

Henry Miller's ride, the new RM-Z450s sure look good. Suspension is handled by RaceTech, while the engines are built by Snuffy racing with goodies from RaceTech and JE.

The design of the teams graphics and overall layout was done by Bryar Perry at 180 Decals, who's done some really unique and clean stuff over the years.

The stock Showa BFRC shocks have been replaced with a WP/Showa hybrid. A few suspension guys have been using this work-around, utilizing a prior year's shaft, clevis, and piston...slipped into (with a bit of machining) a current or prior generation WP shock body with its own compression adjuster.

So many Nut guys getting involved in race does take a big set...

A peek at Tallon Lafountaine's RM-Z250, the team's lone 250 rider.

It's cool to see different brands at the races, such as Bill's Pipes supporting a full effort.

Lafountaine's engines getting an extra bit of love from Jamie Ellis at Twisted Development.

The PSF2 air forks aboard the RM-Z250 had been swapped for a spare pair of stock RM-Z450 Showa spring forks. The Neken clamps were only on the team's 250 at the first rounds, as the 450 clamps had changed. Since we shot these, the 450s now have their Neken clamps as well.

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