Vital MX 12 Days of MXmas Winners!

Well, it's about time to hand out the goodies for our, 14 Days of MXmas. The winners have been notified (except for Jbulz, whose email bounced back...hit us up). Of course we have to thank all the generous companies who played Santa this time around. Now it's time to settle back and enjoy the holiday season, reminisce about the previous year, and dream of the riding ahead.

Day 1

Troy Lee Designs SE4 Polyacrylite Helmet
Winner: Bromanyak256

Day 2

Galfer 280mm Tsunami Oversized Rotor Kit
Winner: hbdesigns913

Day 3

Leatt GPX 4.5 Helmet
Winner: Brad460

Day 4

Nitro Circus Bike
Winner: langhammx

Day 5

100% Gift Pack
Winner: generallee121

Day 6

Motoseat Seat Cover
Winner: dfoerster92

Day 7

Fox 180 Boots
Winner: Davey

Day 8

EVS Axis Sport Knee Braces
Winner: Yaya

Day 9

Stacyc 12EDrive Electric Bike
Winner: StevieTimes

Day 10

Wiseco Elite Piston Kit
Winner: iro

Day 11

Bell Fasthouse Moto-9 Helmet
Winner: Jbulz

Day 12

Answer Racing AR-5 Helmet
Winner: Vet145

Day 13

Scott Goodies
Winner: Million121

Day 14

Fly F2 Carbon Helmet
Winner: mx12boy

  • ScottYZF450

    12/26/2017 9:47 AM

    Congratulations to all the winners. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

  • Yaya

    12/24/2017 10:13 AM

    Man this just made Christmas so much better!! This is always my favorite treat to the end of the year! Thank you to all the amazing sponsors, GuyB and the rest of the Vital Crew! I'm going to love the knee braces

  • Bromanyak256

    12/23/2017 5:58 PM

    I’m beyond stoked and greatful. I know it’s the luck of the draw but i never win a damn thing. Thanks again to the sponsors, especially Troy Lee i can’t wait to get this helmet. Also thank you to vital for doing this.

  • GuyB

    12/29/2017 1:20 PM

    You can't say that any more.

  • MotoChris

    12/23/2017 10:25 AM

    Congrats to all the winners and hope that these prizes make your Christmas even better. We should all be thankful to have a forum like Vital that keeps us all connected. Merry Christmas to all!

  • Vet145

    12/23/2017 9:51 AM

    Woohoo! Been entering since day 1! Thanks Steve and the entire Vital crew!!

  • mx12boy

    12/23/2017 12:39 AM

    Wow can't believe I won. Just made my Christmas. Thanks to all the sponsors. Also thank you Guy B for doing this.

  • Davey

    12/22/2017 8:26 PM

    Thanks GuyB and sponsors. One of the coolest things I’ve ever won.

  • Brad460

    12/22/2017 7:47 PM

    Super stoked to have won the helmet- can’t wait to get It! Now that I will have a Leatt helmet I’ll need some matching Leatt gear to match..

  • SKlein

    12/22/2017 7:36 PM

    Thanks for hosting this again guys!

  • Jbulz

    12/22/2017 6:57 PM

    Hey, guess that's why I never get PM's...

  • StevieTimes

    12/22/2017 6:52 PM

    Best... day.... evaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! I have a 4 year old boy, still on his Stryder, who is going to love this version with a motor on it!!!!!


  • langhammx

    12/22/2017 6:44 PM

    Damn... Pretty cool to win something. Thank you Vital, my nephew is going to be pretty excited !

  • DA498

    12/22/2017 6:18 PM

    Merry Christmas everyone! Maybe next year. Thanks to all the great sponsors.

  • TheWeapon

    12/22/2017 6:16 PM

    Congrats everyone! Merry Christmas VitalMX and all the awesome sponsors for keeping this tradition going!

  • MxKing809

    12/22/2017 6:02 PM

    One of the coolest things on Vital. Congrats gents!

  • mxnut23

    12/22/2017 5:13 PM

    Congrats to all the winners and Merry Christmas!!!

  • Cody_rg

    12/22/2017 5:10 PM

    Wow, no comments now that there are no problems. I didn't even play for the f2, i bet I would have won that one.

  • GuyB

    12/22/2017 5:36 PM

    Just like the lotto, you can't win if you don't play.

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