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Are you in the mood for Mika? Awesome! Mika Metals has kicked in a set of bars, clamps, and grips to make someone's season a little brighter.

Mika Metals RAW series handlebars ($109.99) are designed for maximum comfort. Their unique tapering allows the bars to have increased strength, while having the optimal amount of flex to minimize arm fatigue. Constructed of T6 7075 aluminum, Mika says they're as strong or stronger than any non-cross bar handlebar on the market.  Available in ten bends, and six pad colors.

Mika Medals Bar Clamps ($59.99) are precision machined from Aerospace 7075 aluminium. They're rubber-mounted and are a great replacement for your stock 7/8" or 1-1/8" clamps. They use the stock rubber cones and are available in four different colors, including black, silver, blue, and red.

Mika Metals Full Diamond Grips ($12.95) use an advanced medium rubber compound, and the full diamond pattern is specifically designed to increase finger traction while minimizing palm blisters. Take your pick of white, black, and grey.

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Please, one entry per per person, for each of the days. (That's one entry for Day 1, one entry for Day 2, etc.) But, you can enter once for each of the 12 Days. That makes 12 entries total. Got it?

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