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It's getting late in the game for this year's shopping season. It's crunch time. The pressure's on. If you're still digging for gift ideas, Pro Taper has a slew of them.

Pro Taper's EVO Handlebar ($89.99) gives you that sweet spot of awesome strength and light weight, all with an engineered flex that you get from the proprietary alloy and 4mm wall thickness. Add a Pro Taper 2.0 Square Bar Pad ($19.99 — $21.99) with a high quality molded design and tough overlay with the Pro Taper logo, or custom designs like Skullcandy, Metal Mulisha, and Rockstar, and you've got an awesome setup.

If you want to give an upgrade to your favorite rider's drivetrain, you could use a three-pronged attack of a durable and lightweight Pro Taper MX Front Sprocket ($25.99) or MX Rear Sprocket ($64.95), both of which are available for most makes and models. The rear sprocket boasts a self-cleaning tooth technology, as well as extra tooth surface area for excellent wear resistance. Of course you don't want to put on new sprockets with an old chain, and Pro Taper's Gold Series Chains ($34.95-$99.95) are constructed with high strength chromoly.

How about some stocking stuffer ideas? Everyone can always use more tie-downs, and Pro Taper's are particularly sweet with their spring-loaded swivel carabiner base hook. That means they won't come unhooked in the bed of your truck, and will never get twisted. Suggested retail is $34.99.

Last but not least, are Pro Taper's ever-popular MX Pillow Top Grip ($12.95) that offer awesome grip, as well as make your riding more fun with their vibration reduction.

Okay, that's the scoop on gift ideas. Need more? Visit

For a chance to win all these goodies for yourself, all you have to do is be sure to add a comment below. That's it. It's free to enter, you just have to be a member of Vital MX.

Don't forget, you're limited to one entry per day, but you can add an entry for each of the 12 days. We've still got eight more days of goodies for you to check out. Be sure to stop back each day.

Winners will be picked shortly before Christmas.


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