Vital MX 12 Days of Christmas: Day 1 311

It's that time of year, where we bust out some cool gift ideas, and you get a chance to score some goodies for yourself...the Vital MX 12 Days of Christmas.

Want to really show your rider that you care? The Leatt GPX pro is what you'll see a bunch of elite riders sporting for neck protection, with a full Kevlar reinforced carbon fiber chassis that's the lightest that Leatt has made. It also features the latest spring-loaded aluminum buckles for closure, lightweight and washable velcro-free padding, and a collarbone cutout that'd designed to keep the brace and your helmet from impacting your collarbone. This one also features a little more open designs with a greater range of motion than you'll find on other Leatt models.

Medium & Small sizes are available, as ar replacement parts. It also comes with a super-stylish brace bag to carry and protect it when you're not on the bike. It's so cool that we've heard jokes that if you buy the bag, the brace is included for free.

Suggested retail for this top-of-the-line model? $695. They also have lower-priced versions with the Leatt GPX Club III ($399), and the GPX Adventure III ($299). For more info on the full line of Leatt Braces,
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