View From The Infield: Tomac's Rebound 4

As the series resumed at Spring Creek, Eli Tomac quickly got his season back on track.

View From The Infield: Tomac's Rebound

How was this year's Spring Creek track? The Schaefer Tracks crew did their annual massage, and like normal, it rained a ton before the race, which required a bunch of extra work. It was fast and in good shape on Saturday, but maybe not dug in quite as deep as the riders had expected. Ken Roczen grabbed the first 450 moto holeshot, and proceeded to build a good lead.

The pack strings out as they head down to turn two.

Justin Barcia grabbed a pair of fifth-place finishes.

Blake Baggett is still hunting for the perfect setup, and did some tire testing between RedBud and Spring Creek. He was on the podium for the first moto, and just outside the top three in moto two.

Marvin Musquin was in third spot, but close to the top duo when he got cross-rutted and had this unfortunate spill.

Last year Henry Miller had a great second moto holeshot, but promptly tossed it away. This year he looks like he's finally settling in on the Yamaha and went 9-11 for 11th overall. Yep, his bike really is that bright. He and FXR always collaborate for something a little different at Spring Creek.

Every week Ken Roczen seems to get a bit stronger, and this week he led 10 of the 16 laps before Eli Tomac caught up with him. It was awesome watching these guys go at it for an extended period of time.

Oof. Bryce Backaus caught all of this blast from the roost cannon.

In moto two, Justin Barcia got pinched off early, and had a lot of work to do to get back to fifth. Marvin Musquin was in the mood to battle, and got a great start.

Justin Hill (46) finished in seventh in moto two. Like he said on social media after the race, maybe it's time for some start tips from his teammate, Justin Bogle. Joey Crown (95) was 15th overall.

Getting after it. Kenny has made a lot of progress since the beginning of the season. There's no substitute for racing and time on the track.

Phil Nicoletti was ninth this week.

Eli had moved into the lead a couple corners earlier, and atching these guys drag race down from the top of Mount Martin was a bit spooky. Big craters made for some surprise "moments."

Weston Peick made some forward progress in the standings this week, but spots like this weren't easy on his right wrist.

Eli Tomac got by Marvin Musquin for the lead in the same corner where he caught Ken Roczen in the first moto.

Now that's how you rebound from a tough weekend at RedBud. Eli retook the points lead, and will be sporting the red plate at Washougal next week.

Joey Savatgy grabbed the holeshot in the first 250 moto, but lost the front end about halfway around the first lap.

After Joey Savatgy handed over the lead, Jordon Smith led the first four laps. He hasn't had the most productive outdoor season so far, so it was good to see him up front. He eventually finished third in moto one.

Spring Creek was another mixed bag for Austin Forkner. Second in moto one, and 18th in moto two after a crash.

There's a mix of terrain at Spring Creek, and the run from turn one down to the second turn is a wide-open affair.

Justin Cooper checking his six over the Chadapault. The thumb he injured at Southwick was feeling better here, and it showed, as he went 4-3 for second overall.

Alex Martin was seventh in moto one, but he had more in the tank for moto two.

Aaron Plessinger is on another level right now and made Spring Creek look relatively easy win in moto one.

Chase Sexton dives into a deeply rutted corner at the end of the whoop section. He was fifth in moto two, and sixth overall after an eighth in moto one.

The Whoop Monster was making his usual ruckus in the roller section.

Alex Martin wasn't shutting off as they headed into the first turn for the second moto. He grabbed the holeshot, much to the delight of the local fans.

Uh-oh. Aaron Plessinger put the pressure on early, and was leading by the end of lap one.

After salvaging a tenth in moto one, Joey Savatgy came back for a fourth in moto two.

Pick a rut, any rut.

Watching Aaron Plessinger float down the fast downhill was impressive.

Shane McElrath was in fifth with less than a handful of laps left when his KTM tossed a chain.

Bam. Another win, and another 50 points for Aaron Plessinger. Right now he's riding like he's trying to get to a number one plate as fast as possible. At the rate he's going, he could clinch the title before the season finale at Ironman Raceway.

We figure no one in either class is having as much fun Aaron Plessinger.

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