View From The Infield: Returning to Woodstock 7

Heading to RedBud felt like returning to the MX version of Woodstock after the MXoN was held there last fall. The challenge for the riders was just as great, and the fans...well, there's only one Reddddd Buddddd!

View From The Infield: Returning to Woodstock

The start was in the same place as it was for the MXoN, rather than the traditional location. Chatting with Eli Tomac after the race, he said he actually prefers this version to the old one. The 450s ran first this week, and as the snarling pack of 450s exited the first turn, Cooper Webb was running up front. Check the bank that he's riding on. That's definitely living on the edge.

Hot on Coop's tail were Justin Bogle and Blake Baggett.

Cooper slipped to second early on, and eventually finished the moto in third spot. He was fifth in moto two, and fourth overall for the day.

It was good to see Ryan Dungey spectating from the infield this weekend. We joked with the new father about whether he had to come to the races to get some peace and quiet, but he said his new daughter has actually been sleeping quite a bit.

Justin Bogle took over the point from Cooper Webb on lap one, and led for four laps. He had some fast company behind him, and eventually ended up in fourth spot.

Eli Tomac took over the lead on lap five, and hung on for the first moto win.

Adam Cianciarulo led the way into the first turn in the first 250 moto, but Alex Martin got a good drive exiting the corner and took over the lead.

Whoa...Adam was a little on the wild side early on, and exited the track to the left as they came around to complete the first lap.
Adam had already had another off-track excursion before this.
He stayed on the gas down the side of the track, and got penalized a couple spots at the completion of the moto.

Justin Cooper had a bit of an off weekend, and ended up with a 3-6 score on the day.

RJ Hampshire started out eighth in moto one, and inherited second place on the last lap. An eighth in moto two left in him in fourth overall.

It's not a problem when a bike is smoking, but it is a problem when it stops. Unfortunately for Alex Martin, he was losing coolant, and it ran out on the last lap while he was in second place.

Dylan Ferrandis had taken over the lead on lap one, and went wire-to-wire for the first moto win.

Wow, Baggett and Bogle sure had their starts figured out at RedBud, and were 1-2 as they started moto two.

Despite the hot temperatures and a sixth-place finish in the first moto, Ken Roczen showed more all-day fire this week. He took over the lead from Blake Baggett after the first lap, and led the next seven circuits before finally finishing in third.

Jason Anderson had finished in second during moto one, and backed it up with a fourth in moto two to finish in second overall. Blake Baggett ended the day in seventh overall after a  ninth in moto two.

Yikes, the ruts were nasty on the face of this jump exiting one of the corners. Eli started in seventh, and motored his way to second spot...easily good for the overall win.

Marvin Musquin grabbed another moto win, and was third overall this week. He crashed on the first lap of moto one, and made it back to seventh in that one.

Dang, we hate seeing riders hit the deck. Joey Savatgy was obviously hurting as he headed back to the pits before the checkers in moto two.

As usual, the fans at RedBud were a bit on the crazed side. Sometimes it feels like the racing is the sideshow to the Independence Day celebration and partying.

The guys who make it to the podium get a kick out of the fans.

And you get some champagne, and YOU get some champagne...

Wow, it looks like the JGR guys have found a little something, and Kyle Peters and Alex Martin led the way into the first turn for the final moto of the day.

After a great ride in the first moto, and not much to show for it, it looked like Alex Martin was even more motivated than usual.   He led the first four laps, but yep, that's Dylan Ferrandis lurking back there.

Hunter Lawrence was eighth in the first 250 moto, but bounced back with a strong fourth in moto two.

Adam Cianciarulo ate some roost as he hounded Alex Martin for a while, before eventually slipping by for second.

Cameron McAdoo was the top points scorer on the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM squad with a 9-10 score.

A 1-1 day, combined with a less-than-perfect day for Adam Cianciarulo and Justin Cooper meant that Dylan Ferrandis not only grabbed the overall, but he moved into second in the 250 point standings.

Adam Cianciarulo is enjoying the ride in his final 250 season. He also currently enjoys a full moto points lead on the rest of the field.

Here's your top three 250s from RedBud, with Dylan Ferrandis grabbing the win, Adam Cianciarulo with the second, and Justin Cooper in third.

Yeah, Dylan. After a bit of a slow start to the season, he's won four out of the last five motos. Now everyone gets a weekend off to get ready for the last five rounds.