View From The Infield: Adam Cianciarulo's Revenge

The last time around in Las Vegas didn't go so well for Adam Cianciarulo. He got his revenge on it at the Monster Energy Cup in his 450 debut.

View From The Infield: Adam Cianciarulo's Revenge

As defending champ, with the top qualifying spot, and with a less than full field, it would have been easy to think that Eli Tomac would walk away with another Monster Energy Cup win.

Heading into the first main, Adam Cianciarulo grabbed the early lead.


It was great to see Jeremy Martin back in action after a 16-month layoff following his back injury at Muddy Creek. He looked strong on the big-bore Honda. Here he takes a peek back to see Malcolm Stewart hot on his heels.

Vince Friese was showing some good speed, and led four laps in the first main. He ended up third by the finish after getting passed by Eli Tomac, Adam Cianciarulo, and his Smartop MotoConcepts Racing teammate, Malcolm Stewart.

Eli Tomac worked his way into the lead with four laps to go in the first ten-lapper.

Justin Barcia used a 5-8-6 score to grab sixth overall on the night.

Evan Ferry was recently added to the Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna roster, and he made the most of it with a sweep of the Supercross Futures Supermini mains.

Gavin Towers used a 2-3 score to nail down second overall in the Supermini class.

A crash and an eight-place finish in the first main killed Chance Hymas' opportunity for a podium in Vegas. He did make an impressive comeback, though, going from 22nd to eighth.

Ryder Floyd (296) made an impressive sweep from the outside to nab the lead in the first Supercross Futures 250 main.

Ryder Floyd comes back into the stadium with the pack trailing behind him. Unfortunately, a crash early in the main dropped him back to eighth at the end. He did come back to finish fourth in the second main.

The 250 pack strings out through one of the rhythm sections in the first main.

Brock Papi (247) was second in the first main and backed it up with a third in the second frame for third overall. Kobe Heffner (529) was fourth in the first one.

Whoa! Jeremy Martin nailed the start in the second main event.

Vince Friese saw his shot in the second turn, and quickly moved into the lead.

Nine months after breaking a femur at the Glendale round of the Monster Energy Supercross series, Malcolm Stewart came back to win the second main.

For Eli Tomac, a crash in the second main killed any chance for a chance at the Monster Million. He did make an impressive run from ninth to third.

A pair of fourth-place finishes in the final two mains was pretty impressive for Tim Gajser. Vince Friese and Jeremy Martin were having their own private battle, and he swept by both of them in the second main.

Just a couple of boys from Florida. We're looking forward to seeing what Malcolm Stewart and Adam Cianciarulo can do in '20.

Noah Stevens (97) got the holeshot here, but Evan Ferry quickly got by for a sweep of the Supermini motos.

Chance Hymas (832) worked his way from fourth to second in the final Supercross Futures Supermini race, while his teammate, Gavin Towers, ended up third, which was good for second overall.

Jalek Swoll grabbed the holeshot in the final 250 Supercross Futures race.

Grant Harlan (111) and Jamison Duclos (223) duking it out in the final 250 main. Grant ended up in fifth overall, while Jamison was tenth.

Jett Lawrence got past Jalek Swoll at the midway point of the main, and had some donuts to celebrate.

There were three riders with a shot at the overall as they lined up for the third main event. Adam Cianciarulo, Eli Tomac, and Malcolm Stewart all were tied at three points apiece. Adam controlled the first turn, and it was on from there.

Vince Friese and Malcolm Stewart battled for the fourth and fifth spots early in the main. Malcolm eventually got by Vince, and later picked off Tim Gajser to end up third.

The battle up front between AC and Eli was awesome. They were both getting after it.

Yep, these guys had the crowd on their feet. Each rider took the Joker Lane at different times, and they both laid down solid laps. Adam had just a little edge as they headed to the checkers, and he took the win.

Nabbing the big check (short of taking the Million, which was off the table after Eli took the first main) is a nice way to start a 450 career.

Okay, let's be honest here. Is this how you thought the results would play out? We were pleasantly surprised at how good Adam looked on the big-bore Kawasaki, and we can't wait to see how he stacks up against the full field at A1.

One thing that Adam may need to work on before the '20 season? How quickly he can get his champagne bottle open. Experience counts and both Eli and Malcolm took advantage of him before he popped his cork. Man, we

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