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It was beyond cold in Minneapolis for this year's Supercross visit, but the riders turned up the temperature on the track.

It's always good to get a new injection of energy after a few rounds into the season when the 250 East guys take to the track. Jordon Smith scored the first heat win of their season.

Austin Forkner had an easy time with the second 250 heat.

Eli Tomac showed good early speed as he battle with Cooper Webb for the first 450 heat win.

Justin Brayton cleaned up in the second 450 heat. He went nearly wire-to-wire on this one, after taking over the lead from Justin Bogle on the second lap.

A few weeks ago we spotted people questioning the riders having starting blocks. Even some of the taller guys, like Jordan Bailey run them. Since they added metal grids behind the gate, it prevents people from having to use random dirt or rocks. This set is pretty cool.

It's cool to see moms occasionally get in on the podium action in KJSR.

Imagine lining up for your LCQ, and there's a TV camerman messing with your mojo. Josh Osby had to deal with that.

Let's take a quick Monster girl break...

Hmm...looks like Will Christien (from NBC's broadcast team) is trying to take GuyB's job.

Nope, No Games at all for Austin Forkner. He's got the headphones on, rocking out to some Metallica, and ready for the 250 main.

Judging by Blake Wharton's expression, picking a good gate is serious business.

We're guessing that Jordon Smith's heart rate was definitely up when he discovered that he had a rear flat after the parade lap. The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM crew quickly got him dialed in. Nice work, boys. The funny part was after the race when he was asked about it, he first said it was so they could do a gearing change.

that is a holeshot. A start like that definitely helped make Austin Forkner's life in the main easier." data-credit="" class="img_fullscreen">

It was looking good early in the main for a Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki 1-2, but Martin Davalos had an assortment of issues during the race, including mistakes and run-ins with other riders. Fortunately, he dodged a bullet when he ran off the track at the end of the whoops and into a lane where there was cross-traffic, but at a moment when no one was coming.

Besides the flat on the line, it wasn't the easiest of mains for Jordon Smith. Between other riders bouncing off of him, and a crash, it made it a challenge to get back to second at the checkers.

Christian Craig was wrestling with his freshly-healed thumb all day. Thomas Covington (right) was interesting to watch, as he made a few unconventional moves that kept other riders on their toes, but also showed that he has a bunch of skill and isn't afraid to be creative out there. Keep an eye on him this season.

Chase Sexton started fourth, lost a couple spots with a crash, and made his way back to fifth at the end. He'll be one to watch this season. Here he keeps an eye on Jordon Smith.

Alex Martin ran as high as second, before slipping to fourth by the end of the main. Man, that cornering style...

here." data-credit="" class="img_fullscreen">

Justin Cooper grabbed his first Supercross podium, but judging by this look, we're guessing that wasn't the finish he was looking for.

Look out, gang...Austin Forkner will be sporting the red plates next weekend. Who can step up to challenge him?

Remember the grief Dean Wilson got for his Ignite CBD sponsorship? Well, we're guessing there was some more heartburn for officials when Chad Reed showed up with a set of CBDMD logos on his helmet. Apparently, they told him he wouldn't be able to race with them on, but when challenged, couldn't give him a solid enough reason that would prevent him from taking to the track. Chad also had one of his better outings of the season, finishing in seventh place.

Joey Savatgy had shown some speed in the final practice, nabbing the top qualifying spot. He also nailed the start and led the first 14 laps of the 26-lap main.

How close do things get out there? Check out Marvin's front wheel as he works on Justin Brayton.

This freight train of riders was awesome to watch. But with few passing opportunities, it was also a little like watching a chess match. Still, it was awesome to see that many riders that close together.

Blake Baggett was on the move, but his crash near the end of the main moved him from a potential podium to 21st on the Results Sheet.

Marvin Musquin got by Joey Savatgy with a handful of laps left, and then had Blake Baggett go down right in front of him. Luckily, he dodged both Blake and the bike, and finished on the podium.

There were times last year where Cooper Webb's expression (especially while sitting on the gate) telegraphed that he wasn't happy. That's definitely not the case these days. But we've got four riders all within two points of the series lead. Things are just heating up.


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