View From The Floor: Triple Treat 1

It was nothing but non-stop action in Detroit during the second Triple Crown of the season.

View From The Floor: Triple Treat

Much of the buzz before the race centered around the need for a good start, and the possibility of first-turn carnage. Fortunately, the crashes never really materialized. Chad Reed looks like he's got the jump here, but by the time they exited the first turn, it was Justin Brayton out front, starting from way on the outer half of the gate.

For a good chunk of the first main event, it looked like Justin Brayton might grab another win.

The crowd perked up noticeably when Chad Reed went by Blake Baggett into the second spot.

Remember that thing about needing a good start? Apparently not so much. According to the lap charts, Eli Tomac passed 10 riders during the 12-minute main to score the first 450 win of the night.

Bam. Eli looked like a completely different rider than he did a week ago in Arlington where he grabbed the holeshot and worked his way through the pack in reverse. Look out, this could be a momentum shift on the season.

Cooper Webb grabbed the holeshot in the second 450 main and led the first five laps...before Eli moved by him and into the lead.

Ken Roczen had an okay weekend, with a 5-6-5 score, and fourth overall.

Just drop the theme song from Jaws here. Eli was on the hunt.

It looks like Joey Savatgy had the start covered for the final main, but Blake Baggett swept around the outside, and into the lead.

Blake is obviously feeling better after his tough crash in Minneapolis and led the first six laps here.

Chad Reed went 3-5-7 for the night, ending up in third overall.

Maybe we missed it during the first Triple Crown race of the season, but it was cool to see the overall points on the big screens showing updated overall scores throughout the mains. This changed a lot, because Cooper Webb started in fifth, and Eli Tomac started 12th. It was constantly changing as they motored through the pack.

Justin Barcia forced his way past Blake Baggett and led for five laps in the final main.

Blake worked his way past Barcia near the end of the main to take over second place. They'd both been passed by Cooper Webb at this point.

Blake Baggett was closing on Cooper Webb at the end of the final main, and Coop took a peek over the final triple to check on him.

Cooper won the final main, but unfortunately for his overall chances, he ran out of people to pass before Eli Tomac did.

The top three here were Eli Tomac, Cooper Webb, and Chad Reed. Think about this for a second...that was Reedy's 132nd top three.

How about some champagne shenanigans? Both Eli Tomac and Cooper Webb gave Chad Reed an appreciative blast.

Chad showed off his markmanship skills with an extended blast for his mechanic, Ben Schiermeyer.

With a couple laps left in the 250 main in Dallas, Jordon Smith went down at the end of the whoops, which resulted in a tweaked wrist. During the week before Detroit, he wasn't sure he was going to be able to race. He showed up sporting a Mobius brace, and lined up.

The first 250 main blasting off the line.

Smith and Chase Sexton battled through the first main, with Jordon coming out on top.

Main event one in the books, and it was Forkner all the way.

Lots of 250 riders have alliances with 450 guys so that they can get intel on the track before the gate drops...and vice-versa. Austin gets his download before the start of the second main.

Jordon Smith nabbed the start during the second main event, causing Forkner to check up a little as they headed into the first turn.

Once again, Austin Forkner had the East field covered. It'll be interesting to see how things shake out in the first East/West Shootout next weekend in Atlanta.

There are about three different stages of warning for riders who are about to get lapped. A hanging flag lets them know that they've got some time before they get caught. If the flag's waving, the pursuers are getting close. If you get a waving flag, plus a yellow pointing behind you, they're getting ready to go by you.

Alex Martin ended the night in sixth overall, with a best of third place in in the second main.

Jordon Smith and Alex Martin charging through the whoops. Smith's 2-2-4 scored nabbed him second overall.

Austin Forkner grabbed the start in the final race and stayed there. He's been on fire this season.

It was sort of a quiet night for the Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha guys, as they finished in fourth overall (for Justin Cooper), and seventh for Mitchell Oldenburg.

Uh-oh, Justin Thompson got a little loose in the whoops in the final main of 250 action, and went for a ride.

The good news is, he said he was all right afterward.

Chase Sexton was second in the final main of the night, and grabbed third overall.

Yep, Austin was not only three-for-three on the night, but he also has the same score for the season so far.

More champagne shenanigans? Austin went for a sample afterwards (hey, he earned it), but apparently wasn't too fond of the taste. His mechanic, Olly Stone, was happy to pick up the slack.

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