View From The Floor: Supercross Blizzard

After last weekend in Minneapolis, we've decided that in the future the only Blizzards we want to be involved with come from Dairy Queen...

View From The Floor: Supercross Blizzard

Minneapolis was a trip this year. When we were at Indy the Californians thought that was a big storm. Well, even the local newscasters in the Twin Cities area were calling this one historic. True, that was mostly due to how late in the year this was one was, but you couldn't visit anyone's pit area without discussions of how their return flights had been cancelled, or how nasty the conditions were outside.This was the second take for the East guys and the Triple Crown format, so they had it pretty well figured out. Here, eventual overall winner, Jeremy Martin, has a half a wheel on everyone as they head towards the first turn.

Austin Forkner took the win in the first 250 main, but that was the high point of the night for him. A couple crashes in the second main, and a big one through the whoops in the final main stuck a fork in his night. Checking in with the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki guys, they said that he had a broken collarbone, and that Austin would figure out what's next this week.

With the distance between the pits and stadium, precarious riding conditions outside, and the short time between the main events, even teams like Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM that normally pit outside moved into the stadium for the night show. A 2-2-3 score gave Jordon Smith third overall on the night, and he's also jumped up to second in the 250 East standings.

A fourth in the first 250 main was a decent salvage for Zach Osborne, who'd started fairly deep in the pack.

It was good to see Justin Barcia (51) back in action after he'd recovered from the broken hand (and resulting surgery) that he got at the Arlington round. A seventh in the second main was below par, considering the third and fourth in the other two mains.

A first-place score in the first main got things off to a great start for Eli Tomac. After Daytona he was in fifth spot in the 450 standings. He's had three wins since then (including the overall in Minneapolis), and is now third overall, but moving up much more than this will be tough. He's 26 back of Marvin Musquin, and 65 back of Jason Anderson.

Marvin Musquin has been working on bike balance, and while it was clear that he wasn't feeling it in the first main (with a seventh), he got things turned around in a big way for the last main events.

Most guys are pretty focused and in their own bubble before races, while others will interact a little bit. Austin Forkner and Zach Osborne don't seem to be in that club.

Jeremy Martin was on his home turf in Minnesota, and after his win in Indy, looks more fired up than ever. Third in the first two mains had him set up for a good night.

In the second main is when the wheels started to come off of Austin Forkner's 250 East season. He hit the deck a couple times, including this one, where his front wheel got clipped as he was heading onto the fast start straight.

In this shot, and the shot below, check out a slick piece of racecraft, where Zach Osborne squares up under Jordon Smith.

Jordan had led the first five laps (of 13) before Zach got by.

Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha's Jeremy Coker working on a better infield vantage point.

After a tough start to the season, Chad Reed's in 15th overall. There's a cluster of riders in close proximity, and only 12 points between him and the 10th overall spot. After a 12th and 13th-place finish in the first two mains, he cracked the top ten with a ninth in the final one.

Be honest. At the beginning of the season, would you have had Justin Brayton in fourth overall at this point in the season? Justin doesn't seem to think so, but something about the Triple Crown format seems to get him fired up. He led 13 of the first 16 laps in the second main, and battled hard for position.

Things really clicked for Marvin Musquin in the second main event. At the midway point he was sixth, and he battled back for a win.

After a couple high-profile crashes at Atlanta, where guys were snagging pegs on the takeoff of triples, we were stoked to see that the Monster Energy Supercross crew had created some half-height Tuf-Blox for these areas. We're not sure how long they've been in use, but this was the first time that we'd noticed them in use.

Weston Peick was riding way better than his sixth overall showed. He had a fifth and third in the first two mains, but a crash in the final main dropped him down in the overall.

Jason Anderson was turning up the aggression in Minneapolis. Here he bumps up on Blake Baggett.

Later in the second main Jason Anderson also tangled with Justin Brayton, which resulted in an off-track excursion and penalty, and dropped him down to sixth.

Watching Justin Brayton and Marvin Musquin go at it made for some fun racing.

There were some new faces toward the front of the pack at the start of the final 250 main, with Sean Cantrell (43), Josh Osby (174), and Brandon Hartranft (114).

Josh Osby had a hero moment with his holeshot in the final 250 main. It may not have lasted long (he ended up with a 9-6-9 score on the night), but it was hopefully a sign of things to come for him.

It was obvious early on that Jeremy Martin was going for it in the final main, and it didn't take long for him to end up in the first spot.

We'd guess that this roller got added to the inside of this corner to try and slow down the inside line, and encourage more guys to venture to the outside line, but it wasn't there throughout the day, and changing it up midway through the night show didn't seem like the optimal plan.

The whoops had Jeremy Martin wrestling a bit, but he did a masterful job of hanging onto his Honda. A win in the final main gave him the overall for the second race in a row.

A crash in the whoops (and broke collarbone) made for an early exit for Austin Forkner.

In the post race press conference, Jeremy Martin mentioned that he felt some people think he doesn't know how to ride Supercross, and he said, "Put that in your pipe and smoke it."

From the drop of the gate in the final main, Justin Brayton was right in the mix again, jumping out to an early lead.

Here's a little formation flying, with Justin Brayton, Eli Tomac, Jason Anderson, and Weston Peick.

Weston Peick was hanging with the top runners again in the third main, but a crash (and front wheel tap in the back from Eli Tomac, who didn't have anywhere to go), left him in 11th in this main, and sixth overall.

The best battle in the final main was among these three for second, third, and fourth for several laps.

Benny Bloss was ninth overall, and Malcolm Stewart finished in 14th.

After a lap behind Justin Brayton, Jason Anderson took over the top spot and ran away with the final main of the night.

We're wondering if she's admiring... Jason Anderson's beard is coming in red.


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