View From The Floor: Intense In Indy

Justin Brayton and the Smartop MotoConcepts Racing crew had front row in the pits, and avoided the ride to/from their rig.

Who's up for a free t-shirt?

Sometimes we're not sure the flaggers aren't the bravest guys out there.

You can tell it's getting later in the season when it's still light out as the heat races start. Indy is often one of the first post-Daylight Savings races.

Chase Sexton grabbed the first heat win of the night.

Adam Snyder and Jade Dungey talk over changes to make before the main.

Heading into the first turn in heat two it looked like Justin Cooper had the lead, but it was Austin Forkner first into the turn. Well, right before he crashed, that is.

Kyle Peters has been showing some speed the last few weeks, and lead a good portion of this heat race.

Justin Cooper did a little bump and run on Martin Davalos to take over the lead in the second 250 heat.

The first 450 heat was stacked. Check out all the start styles here.

There were four riders tied together at the front of this one, and Dean Wilson grabbed the win.

Michael Akaydin had some cool Colts-themed gear from Skillz for the weekend at Indy.


Doing it for the 'gram.


The addition of the jumps into and out of the dual lane corner helped even out the speed between the two.

Cooper Webb scored the other 450 heat race.

Mechanics are always a rider's biggest fan...sometimes literally.

Gate pick's always critical, but some of the good starts came from the outside of the box.

Martin Davalos contemplating the 250 main ahead.

Mitchell Oldenburg and Austin Forkner lead the way out of the first turn in the 250 main. Justin Cooper (32) got stood up in the first turn and had to come back from deep in the field...but made it back to a podium spot.

Mitchell Oldenburg got caught napping at the end of the main by Justin Cooper, which caught him a podium spot. Considering all the happened during the week, with an early birth for his new son, we 'spose we can let it slide. We were joking with him about it afterwards, which you can hear by hitting play below.

Kyle Cunningham finished seventh in Indy, one spot ahead of his overall standings in the 250 East. You can hear more from him by hitting play below.

Chase Sexton was second in the 250s.

Martin Davalos grabbed fifth in Indy, which matches his spot in the point standings.

It's spooky when you're trying to get remounted, and guys are nearly jumping over you.

Make that six wins on the season for Austin Forkner. He's got over a full race lead on the field in the 250 East class.

Check out that grin. Yeah, that's Austin's girlfriend.

The top three in the 250 podium matches the 250 East standings.

Victories come in all shapes and sizes. It's been a tough season for Adam Enticknap, but he made his first 450 main in Indy.

If you're on the podium in either class, it's pretty likely that you'll be signing hats for the Dunlop crew.

Justin Shantie and Joey Savatgy huddled up before the start of the 450 main.

Heading to the first turn, no one had a clear advantage.

After rounding the first turn, Marvin Musquin jumped out to a quick lead.

Justin Barcia was fifth in his first race back.

Cooper Webb's pass on Eli Tomac remains controversial. Yep, he was pretty out of control when he made the pass, and yes, it was reviewed by the officials afterward, with no penalty handed out.

How close did Blake Baggett get to Marvin Musquin? Close enough that Marv had to start checking his six as they entered some corners.

Eli Tomac seemed to back off a bit after Cooper Webb went by. Maybe he was wrestling with an issue on (or off) the bike, or he was looking at the guys around him taking bigger risks than he wanted to go for. Either way, he ended up fourth for the week.

The traditional Musquin celebration.

Once again, KTM swept the podium.

Which line would you choose?

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