View From The Floor: Penalty Box

Racing on a hard-packed surface in Seattle made for an unusual visit to the Jet City. Not to mention the crashes, and penalties with championship implications.

View From The Floor: Penalty Box

While Century Link Field is home to the Seahawks, it was cool to see Fox and Kenny give a nod to the old Seattle Supersonics with his gear.

Heat winners? Adam Cianciarulo rode away in the first 250 heat.

Colt Nichols (39) grabbed the second heat win, but that's about as good as the night went for him. A crash while leading early in the 250 main left him with a gashed and sore leg. Chris Blose (111) was speedy on the slick surface.

Blake Baggett grabbed the holeshot in the first 450 heat. It was interesting how the riders jumped the sand straight as they exited the first turn. The sand section was mostly a non-factor in this race, other than leaving the riders some very long ruts to navigate through a very high-speed section.

Ken Roczen nabbed the second 450 heat win, edging out Marvin Musquin. During Friday's press day he talked about how he'd been fatigued lately, and mentioned getting a blood test (with results yet to be determined). He feels like something is off, but he's not sure what. After Saturday night's action, he said he'd felt better than he had in a while. that an older-style V3 with a screw-on visor?

The winner of the second 450 heat was Cooper Webb.

We've been really lucky this season, but crashes were a factor this week. Carson Brown went down hard in the 250 LCQ, but his injuries paled compared to Gage Schehr, who had a laundry list of issues.

Okay, we can't say we've ever seen a rap video being filmed in the infield during a race...until now, that is. It looked like Adam Enticknap was working on something new.

Josh Grant's first outing on the Monster Energy/Yamaha Factory Racing bike didn't quite go as he'd hoped. A stall at the end of the whoops looked like it had him struggling to refire the bike, and put him outside of a transfer spot. While hustling to try and make up time, he had a crash in the same section, which ended his night early.

Jimmy DeCotis getting ready for battle. He's been speedy on the 250 Suzuki, and he scored a third in the main in Seattle.

Pulling a tear-off. Dylan Ferrandis does a little track cleaning before the parade lap.

Adam Cianciarulo got the good jump on the pack, but Colt Nichols snuck by on the inside of the first turn. Unfortunately, Colt's race lasted about two more turns before a big crash ended his night.

Dylan Ferrandis took over the lead from Jimmy DeCotis on lap three, and held the point to the end.

Michael Mosiman had the best Supercross result of his career with a fourth-place finish. You can listen to him talk about his night below.

Adam Cianciarulo put in a charge and stayed close, but couldn't catch Dylan.

Ah yes, how sweet it is for a first Supercross win. Dylan has been waiting for this one for a while.

Dylan also got props from Adam afterward.

It's a bummer to see Justin Brayton go out with a knee injury following a multi-rider crash shortly after the start. Look for Ben LaMay to fill in with the team, who are hoping Justin will be back as soon as the East Rutherford round.

Headed toward the first turn at the start of the main, and Zach Osborne (over on the left) is about to nab the holeshot.

Zach led for a bit before Marvin Musquin snuck by him.

Cooper Webb was seventh at the end of the first lap, and had some work to do.

Here's something we hate to see...a bike being used as a block to guard medical crew and downed riders. It's definitely effective, but we wonder if it wasn't a distraction for Marvin Musquin, who missed the red cross flag on this lane, and jumped past the medical crew.

Seeing multiple riders going out on a mule at the same time is also something we hate to see. Reedy's season is done after eight broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and some injuries to spinal processes. He's done for the year. Justin Brayton's knee will keep him out for at least three rounds. We've been relatively lucky when it comes to season-ending injuries this year, but this was a big reminder of how quickly things can change.

It was good to see both Honda riders up front, particularly after Daytona, where they both had to ride through the pack after a second-turn crash.

Check out this drifting slide as Cooper Webb crosses the start straight. Cooper finished in fourth spot, one of the few times that he's missed the podium this season.

How about some pit board action? Seeing Frankie and Oscar with both boards out should give you an idea of how close Marvin and Kenny were for much of the main.

Here's a good one for Dean Wilson. He did a deal in Oakland where he actually hunted down Marshawn Lynch.

Joey Savatgy got this one after a tip-over that cost him a couple spots.

Joey Savatgy did make it back to fifth spot.

Dean Wilson duked it out for sixth and seventh. Advantage Dean.

Eli Tomac settled for third this week.

Cooper Webb's last pass of the night was by Cole Seely for fourth.

Marvin was pumped with his second win in a row.

Think the championship pressure is starting to build? After the race, Cooper had to wait in the holding pen. Like everyone else, he wasn't sure what the outcome would be. Would the result stand? Or would Marvin get issued a penalty for jumping past the downed riders early in the main? If it had stayed as they finished on the track, Marvin would have cut half of Cooper's points lead, but with the penalty applied, he stays at the same 14-point gap that he started the night with. We're now down to five races to go, and two of them in stadiums new to the Supercross series.

It was a bit odd around the podium. Marvin had to do his interviews for TV and the live crowd, but was still unsure of what the status of a potential penalty might be. He was getting updates while on the podium, but even in the press conference, it wasn't known. We had to wait until we visited the AMA truck afterward to find out the official results.

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