One area of Vital MX that you may have overlooked in your visits here is housed pretty deeply inside the Product area, and it's also a feature that you can only see when you're a logged-in member of the site. That's where the members of the Vital MX community can submit a review of a product in our database.

Why let a handful of magazine editors tell you what's cool, and what works? Also, if you're shopping for a new product, don't you think it'd be worth checking to see what other real-world users have had to say about it?

To get you started, you'll find some examples of current reviews written by Vital MX members below. We're keeping an eye on the reviews submitted by site members, and in the future we may start feeding products to some of our more talented writer/rider/reviewers out there for more extensive tests. Can you beat what's here? Show us what you've got!

 2007 Honda CR250R

2007 Honda CR250RSubmitted by: DEMON_CR
I am a Honda man, always have and always will ride Red. This bike is very fast don't read into what other mags say about the motor. Yes it’s a little low in power at low RPM, but what the hell, nothing a little work and jetting can’t fix. I run a V-Force 3 reed block, put a 50t rear sprocket on and jetting changes, feels awesome.

Alpinestars Tech 8 Boots

Alpinestars Tech 8 BootSubmitted by: Shenzi
I really like this boot and still riding with it at the moment. Only weak point for me is the soft part above the heel on the left boot. I have used it to shift at times and already torn it, after just more than a year. I guess I should just stop using my heel to shift. LOL!

Submitted by: westexyzr
I have four pairs of riding boots. I have two pairs of Tech 8s. One pair black, and one pair white. They are by far my favorites. I like the bootie concept. They felt broke in very quickly.

Submitted by: Sugarfree
Bought boot in July 2005 to replace Tech 6s after a broken leg. Took a while to break in, and had a weird feeling in the ankles when walking. I eventually got used to it though, and thought they were much more comfortable then the Tech 6s. I've had some big crashes in these boots and my ankle and legs came out fine. Only problem I've really had with the boots is that one trim piece on the bike side of the boot fall off, and had a top buckle break after being crushed with a tool box.

Asterisk Cell Knee Braces

Asterisk Cell Knee BracesSubmitted by: slamdmini
I rode without braces for years, but then I got these about 3 yrs ago. it took a few rides to get totally use to them, (although I never went any slower becuz of them), and now I will not ride without them. They have held up great, and I don't even realize they are on anymore. worth every penny.

Bridgestone M40 Rear

Bridgestone M40 Rear TireSubmitted by: Tiki
Good tires, just coming from Dunlop, I was really happy with how the M40 worked for traction and durability. I have Dunlops on other bikes, currently running the Bridgestone on my 450.

FMF Factory 4.1 System

FMF Factory 4.1 SystemSubmitted by: westexyzr
I have the blue version of this and it really gave a noticeable increase over the stock unit. It is a little louder, but for me and where I ride out in the desert on my own track, loud is not a big problem. I like the sound and on low to mid it really makes good power.

Gaerne SG 10 Boot

Gaerne SG 10 BootsSubmitted by: Bogdan912
By far the best-feeling, longest-lasting boot I have ever had. After a whole season the soles look brand new. Great boot and super comfortable.

Submitted by: slamdmini
I've had my SG 10s for just over a year now and they are holding up great. They are very comfortable and have great support. I had Tech 8s before these boots and I liked them as well, but they were a pain to break in, but these boots were good to go in minutes. The only complaint I have is that the soles are very smooth, and they don't offer the greatest grip on some of the smoother footpegs. Never had a problem with stockers though.

MSR Velocity Helmet

MSR Velocity HelmetSubmitted by: docweedon
The MSR Velocity Helmet is a good helmet. It's a little on the heavy side, but not too bad. Visibility is excellent, and the addition of the mud guard to the nose is a nice addition. I haven't tested the impact-ness of the helmet yet, but fit and finish are good. For the price it is one of the better helmets in the price range.
Helmet looks sharp as well.

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