The first round of the World Supercross GP in Toronto, Canada was exceptionally wild, but offered up some the most interesting action we've seen in ages…both on the track and off.

First there was the incident during the second lap of practice between James Stewart and Ivan Tedesco, where Ivan was landed on and suffered an apparent broken hand. (It's in a soft cast, extremely swollen, and he's having it checked out on Sunday.) We'll have more on Ivan in a minute.

The Supercross main event offered a ton of action as well, with Chad Reed jumping out to the lead after passing Nick Wey, who had pocketed the Progressive Insurance holeshot check. Ricky Carmichael was also moving up, and closing in on Reed, but hit a tuff block and fell in the first turn, allowing most of the pack to go by. Meanwhile, Stewart had started in 10th, and was also working his way forward.

In the mid stages of the main, Reed was caught by Stewart and the two had a rather epic battle, complete with multiple passes and repasses, and some contact between the two. At one point, James jumped off the track, almost landed in an oncoming lane of traffice, and as he was coming back onto the racing surface, rode into the path of Travis Preston. Unfortunately, Preston was already in midair and after landing, he hit the errant Kawasaki rider extremely hard, causing an apparent injury to Stewart.

Chad went on to win the main event, and after getting up from his crash, Ricky Carmichael came back to finish and impressive second. That included passing James Stewart, who made it extremely easy for RC to get by. After crossing the finish line, James collapsed off his bike, apparently in considerable pain. At that point Travis Preston confronted him, apparently looking for answers about James' off-track detour, and subsequent re-entry. There was a skirmish between Preston and one of the guys in James' camp. Once things settled down, James appeared to be in considerable pain, he was attended to by the Asterisk Mobile Medical Crew, and we've since heard that he's being checked out in a local hospital.

We heard several CMA officials mention that James never looked before he came back onto the track, which was also backed up by team managers that we talked to…and that brings us to the next topic.

FIM rules allow riders to protest other competitors based on their on-track conduct. For example, if a rider feels he's being endangered by another competitor, he can file a protest. The rider making the protest has to write out his story, and accompany it with a protest fee of $800. Then the FIM rep (John Gallagher) has to talk to the parties in question, make a determination of the facts, make a recommendation for action to be taken, and pass it along to the FIM for a final verdict. Ivan had filed a protest for himself by mid-afternoon. After tonight's race, we learned that Travis Preston had also filed a protest of his own against Stewart.

We'll have to wait and see what kind of determination is made on the protests, but we'll update you as soon as we hear anything additional. Also, look for a complete gallery of race photos from tonight (and coverage of the Lites racing) as soon as we can get them posted.

Supercross Main Event

1 Chad Reed Yamaha
2 Ricky Carmichael Suzuki
3 James Stewart Kawasaki
4 Tim  Ferry Kawasaki
5 David Vuillemen Honda
6 Nick  Wey Honda
7 Ryan  Clark Honda
8 Paul  Carpenter Kawasaki
9 Heath Voss Honda
10 Jeff Gibson Kawasaki
11 Jeff Dement Yamaha
12 Cole  Siebler Honda
13 Kevin  Johnson Yamaha
14 Jason Thomas Honda
15 Michael Byrne Suzuki
16 Travis  Preston Honda
17 Jiri Dostal Honda
18 Tyler Evans Suzuki
19 Josh  Summey Honda
20 Bryan Johnson Honda
21 Nathan Ramsey Yamaha

Supercross Lites Main Event

1 Martin Davalos KTM
2 Broc Tickle Yamaha
3 Zach  Osborne KTM
4 Michael Willard KTM
5 Troy Adams Suzuki
6 Tyler Medaglia Suzuki
7 William Ainsworth Kawasaki
8 Robbie Marshall Kawasaki
9 Benjamin Ritter Kawasaki
10 Logan Martin Honda
11 Brady Sheren Honda
12 Zeb Dennis Honda
13 Kevin Hoge Suzuki
14 Justin Thompson Honda
15 Frank  Burns Honda
16 Kyle  Preston Kawasaki
17 Carl Schlacht Honda
18 Davey Fraser Yamaha
19 Daryl  Ecklund Honda
20 Scotty Maidman Kawasaki
21 Fletcher Shrvock Kawasaki
22 Kyle Beaton Yamaha


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