The Inside Line Podcast: Tech Edition | We Are Going Off The CHAIN! 3

Not the sexiest of topics but each and every dirt bike has one, and will have many in their lifetime, so why not know more about chains. We talk with Clayton Solice of D.I.D. all about choosing, cleaning, adjusting, lubing, and checking your chain.


Be honest, is your chain squeaking? Is it loud and rattling like pennies in a tin can? Is it flapping and flopping into your swingarm like its desperately trying to get your attention? Hopefully not, because not only is this unsafe, it is not the optimal operating conditions for your dirt bike. 

We grab Clayton Solise of D.I.D Chains (not "Did" but Dee Eye Dee) to give us a detailed look at the drive train of your bike. Believe it or not, pro teams do test different chains often to find the best characteristics for what they are trying to achieve. Obviously, most of the time it is more power and a faster dirt bike, which leads them to non-sealed chains. But, surprisingly, there are some factory supercross and motocross teams that run sealed, also known as O-ring or X-ring, chains. 

Plus, we talk about cleaning and lubing. No! Back away from the pressure washer, slowly and calmly. There are better, safer, and more durability-enhancing ways of cleaning and lubricating your chain. Cheers!


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