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6D |  2019 ATR-1: $495

When 6D introduced their first helmet, the ATR-1 about five years ago, it was a huge deal. Whether or not you believe the ODS (Omni-Directional Suspension) system works or not, the system was a completely new and revolutionary take on how to build a motocross helmet. With two concentric layers of EPS foam connected by elastomeric isolation dampers, it was the first helmet to address rotational forces or angular acceleration.

Just this year they introduced the ATR-2 which has an updated system mostly based on the same concept. You can check out a video all about the ATR-2 helmet here. But the big news right now is that, because of higher manufacturer volumes and negotiations between 6D and product suppliers, the original ATR-1 is now $495. This is a pretty deep discount from its original price yet it is the exact same helmet. The only thing that is slightly different is that, unlike previous years, the ATR-1 isn’t offered with the option of a full carbon fiber shell. There is only one shell material available, but it is still a carbon fiber, composite fiberglass, and Kevlar blend.

If you’ve worn an ATR-1 and are a fan, or aren’t for that matter, head over to our Product Guide and leave a review of the 6D ATR-1.

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AXP | HDPE Skid Plates: Starting at: $119

Made from HDPE plastic, AXP’s MX skid plates are 6mm thick and are ready for a wide variety of bikes. This is the middle of their line since they also have the super minimalistic glide plates (just between the bottom frame rails) and the burlier Xtreme skid plates that are 8mm thick and cover more of the sides of the engine.

In general, plastic skid plates have pros and cons. Overall, they can be less impact resistant to mega huge hits than steel, and they are heavier than carbon fiber. But, they are also quieter that both steel and CF, while also being slightly flexible, therefore, not messing with your bikes handling. Also plastic is typically slicker than other materials so your bike can slide over rocks and logs easier.

If want to talk about what skid plate you run, leave a review on in Product Guide.

Moose Racing | Synapse Lite Roost Deflector: $99.95 - $109.95

Not known for its rider protection, Moose Racing looks like its stepping up its armor game lately. The Synapse Lite Roost Deflector isn’t just a copy of other chest pros on the market - it actually has its own design and unique features. The main feature that sets it apart is the mesh suspension lining system. While other roost deflectors can sit directly on the skin and only provide cooling and ventilation where the vent holes are, the Synapse’s mesh liner is against your skin and creates a barrier of air between your body and the protector. Or at least that is the concept, since we don’t have one in hand we can’t confirm how it works.

Overall, it looks like a good idea, especially for riders who run their chest pros under-the-jersey and have skin-on-plastic contact. There also looks to be a good amount of flank protection.

What kind of chest protector do you run? Leave a rating in our Product Guide so that your fellow riders can get real world insight on which to buy.

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Polisport | ProOctane Fuel can with Oil Mixer Included: Price TBA

We know the go-to premix measuring device is the trusty, ubiquitous, and unchanged Ratio Rite, but what the ProOctane fuel can has on the Ratio Rite is that it’s oil mixing bottle has a spot right on the can so it is never out of place. Measuring devices can go wandering away or get borrowed by a friend unbeknownst to the owner. Yet with a mixing bottle that snaps into the gas can itself, you will always have eyes on it.

Plus the 10L or 20L cans have three different cap orientations to choose from. With one cap you can have a completely closed can (for transport and saving space), you can screw on a pre-bent hose, or you can screw on a quick-fill spout.  

Do you have a favorite gascan or fuel filling system? Leave a review in our Product Guide.

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Yoshimura | RS-4 FS Systems for 2019 Yamaha YZ250F: $519 - $1,219

New pipes for new bikes! Everyone loves new pipes - the new smell, the new look, and the freshness is just awesome. And Yoshimura has subtle trickness that isn’t as flashy as some other pipes but they always look clean, lean, and mean. For the 2019 Yamaha YZ250F, the Power Tuner App has made tuning that bike quite easy and some people might argue that there is no point to getting a pipe for YZ’s. We would argue that having the Power Tuner App just makes getting a new pipe better. Rather than slapping on a header, mid-pipe, and muffler to a stock bike and running the stock ECU settings, you can truly dial in a YZ for whichever pipe you put on it.

We know plenty of you guys have aftermarket exhausts. Leave a review of your system in our Product Guide.

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