​They both have a passion for riding bikes, one is a multiple World Champion on a mountain bike and the other a multi X-games Gold Medalist on his moto.

What better way to share their passion as team mates than go shredding together on mountain bikes and dirt bikes all on the same day! It's definitely the best of both worlds, making each other faster, sharing experience and pushing each other and just having fun.

From the age of 4 Anneke has been riding bikes and in the last 3 years she has picked up on riding moto to add some variety to her training program for mountain biking. The mountain bike skills definitely come in handy on the dirt bike!

Ronnie has been pulling the throttle since he was 4. And started seriously riding mountain bikes 4 years ago for cross training, which led to a love for bike parks, DH racing and freeriding.

Ronnie and Anneke both being GT athletes, thought it would be cool to give you guys a little snap shot of them getting ready for a new season of racing mountain bikes and defending X-games gold medals. Watch them rip on the mountain and the moto track!

All photos by Bill Freeman.

​The Battle is On. Let’s see what you got!

If you can’t load/unload your own bike, you shouldn’t be at the track!

It doesn’t matter what sport Renner is participating in, you can bet his tools for the job will be orange.

Neither rider is exactly a spring chicken in their sport, so cross over sports are the perfect tool to stay stoked on riding and staying sharp.

“Riding moto is a great way to work on my upper body fitness, riding lines and getting use to the speed. A lot of this I can translate immediately to the mountain bike.” - Beerten

“I tried to put a wheel in on Anneke from time to time at the track, cause I knew she was going to be clowning me at the mountain!” - Renner

"It's been amazing riding with Ronnie, he teaches met a lot on the dirt bike and it is such a joy to watch him pop wheelies, whip and roosting corners like no other!" - Beerten

"I'm not going to lie, the first time I went riding Moto with Ronnie I was nervous as hell, but thank god I knew how to put the bike into first gear and tried to act cool on my first couple of laps. " - Beerten

“ I watch Anneke improve every lap that she's on a dirt bike. Super impressive. She could easily be competitive with the Pro women in a short amount of time, which is killer for only riding for a few years” - Renner

“I love the fact that Ronnie has a loose style on the mountain bike and the has a great eye for scoping out the fast lines, this makes following him down the trails a whole lot of fun.” - Beerten

“I expected Anneke to crush me on the uphills, but was super impressed with how hard she charged the technical rock sections and didn't even hesitate on the drops and jumps” - Renner

“I’m definitely guilty of trying to whip my mountain bike over anything that gives me even a second of airtime. I don’t care if its ugly or not, cause its fun!” - Renner

What better way to end such an epic day with both wheels in the dirt and seeing the Californian sunset.

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