That's What HE Said

There was a whole lot of HE said after Foxborough...though some of it got polished up for public consumption.

That's What HE Said

450 Class

Marvin Musquin (1st)

"After Eli got past me, I knew I had to do something – it's for the win. I led so many laps and I was bummed but I felt like I was riding really good so I knew I could charge. I was going into the main rut the whole Main Event and he cut really tight, I definitely didn't expect it. Obviously, the outcome was pretty brutal and I'm sorry about what happened with the crash but it could have been bad for me too. It was for a 450 Main Event win, sometimes you have to try your hardest and I know I did that."

Eli Tomac (2nd)

"Today actually went really well," said Tomac. "It is unfortunate that it had to end the way it did, but everything up until that point was great and I felt like I was really jelling with the bike today. There was a lot of positives to take away from today and we will move on to some outdoor testing this week and come into Salt Lake City refreshed."

Jason Anderson (3rd)

"It was a pretty consistent day," said Anderson. "I had good qualifying sessions, then as the night went on I got a heat race win then a third place in the Main. I earned some more points. I'm just trying to move forward and I'm excited to get the Championship wrapped up."

Blake Baggett (4th)

"I felt good out there today," said Baggett. "My starts again were there, and I rode aggressive while being smart. The track was brutal today, so it was important to hit my marks every lap and stay consistent. I'm looking forward to the last two rounds and finishing off the season strong."

Dean Wilson (5th)

"This was a step in the right direction," said Wilson. "The day went well. I qualified fifth. I was hit during the start of my heat race so that set me back and frustrated me. I managed to get seventh. I knew I had to get a start in the Main. I started ninth then came through the pack up the fifth. I would have been happy with a fourth, but fifth is still good. The sun was so bad, and the track was super rutty, but I made it through. I'm really happy with my riding, and I've got good speed. Today was good and I hope to carry it on to the next weekend."

Weston Peick (6th)

"It was an early day in Foxborough, with a lot different feel in showing up for track walk at 6:30 am. The whole experience was interesting, because it was an open stadium and the sun was in my eyes quite a bit. That made it challenging to hit some of the obstacles on the track. I qualified very well in comparison to how I normally do, and that set the mood for the main event. I got caught up in traffic in the heat race and finished fourth. For some reason, I was super delayed coming off the line when the gate dropped for the main event, so I was basically playing catch up. The track was very soft in spots, with pebble rocks everywhere. I made my way up to sixth place, which was good considering where I was after the first lap."

Malcolm Stewart (7th)

"The day went well. It was the first day race I had this season, which was different. The weather wasn't too bad, because I've been staying in North Carolina and getting used to the cold temperatures. I'll admit that I was yawning in the first practice while hitting the rhythms, because I was tired from waking up so early [laughter]. My heat race went off around the same time as the normal afternoon Supercross qualifier would go off, so that was strange. Still, racing during the day was cool, aside from the sun being in my eyes when I was jumping the triples. I was happy to finish seventh. The goal is to only get better from here."

Justin Barcia (9th)

"Ninth place is disappointing to me. I feel like I should have been way more up front and I felt like I could have been on the podium tonight, which is where I want to be and where I belong. Going into Salt Lake City, I'm feeling positive. I've been making steps since I've come back from my injury with fifth overall last week and winning a heat race this weekend, so I feel like I'm heading in the right direction. The team and I are going to go work on a few things this week, do a little outdoor testing as well, and be ready to be on the podium again in Salt Lake City."

Christian Craig (11th)

"The day started off pretty good. I qualified first in the free practice, and while that obviously doesn't matter, it just shows that I was comfortable right away. I went into the rest of the day happy with my bike. I didn't have that good of a gate pick going into the main, so I ended up picking the first gate on the inside, but was confident in it because the rut was prime. I got the holeshot, which I haven't done in a while, so that felt good. I led for about half a lap before making a dumb mistake on my part—I cross-rutted off a double and landed on some Tuff Blox. Once I got going I was in dead-last, so I just put my head down, focused, and tried to push forward the best I could all the way to the end. I probably could've ridden better toward the end and made up a few more positions, but it could've been worse. I'm happy with my start and am going to take what I learned into these last two races."

Tyler Bowers (13th)

"It was another great day," said Bowers. "I felt awesome on my KX450F and qualified fourth, which felt great. I got a great start in the heat, finished fifth and I really felt confident going into the main. Unfortunately, accidents happen and that's racing, so I can't be upset. We just need to keep our heads up and finish the season strong."

Benny Bloss (14th)

"It was a frustrating weekend," said Bloss. "I felt good out there and felt that this was my type of track. It was unfortunate that I had an issue on the first lap as we could have had a top ten ride today. I'm ready for the last two rounds to put it into the top ten and finish the season on a positive."

Colton Aeck (DNQ)

"It was the best race of the year for me so far," said a satisfied Aeck. "I was so close to the main I could taste it but a tip over in a turn kept me out of it. I'm fired up for another week of work and ready to give it another shot in Salt Lake! Also, big thanks to Joe DeCou for spinning the wrenches for me this weekend!"

250 Class

Zach Osborne (1st)

"What a great day in Foxborough," said Osborne. "I was able to win both my heat and the Main Event. I figured something out with my starts, and I pulled two holeshots. It was just a really good night. I'm happy and I'll take a 15 point lead into the finals."

Jordon Smith (2nd)

"I rode well in the race, but I struggled all day with the track," said Smith. "The shadows and wind were another element we had to deal with, but I rode really good and was able to challenge Zach (Osborne) and keep him as honest as I could."

Kyle Peters (3rd)

"I'm speechless! I can't believe how the day ended considering how much pain I was in on Saturday morning. During track walk I knew there were some rhythm sections that I wouldn't be able to do, because my left knee obviously isn't strong. I struggled in practice and qualifying. After the final session, we put more tape on my knee in order to stabilize it. I was very tentative in the heat race, as I was worried about my knee. The goal was to put as little time on the bike as possible, but I didn't qualify through the heat race. I won the LCQ, which loosened me up and provide the confidence I needed."

"I got a really good start on my Suzuki RM-Z250 from the outside and was sitting in fourth for a while. I told myself that I was going to crash out before I would settle for fourth place, because I had nothing to lose. I made it happen. I cannot thank the Autotrader/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing Team enough for their support and hard work. They gave me the best opportunities to run up front and reach my potential. It has been a long five years since I last visited the podium, so I'm glad to finish third this weekend."

Jeremy Martin (4th)

"Had an unreal day going for myself and the Factory Connection GEICO Honda crew at Gillette Stadium," said Martin. "Was really feeling the flow with being the fastest guy in practice and winning a heat race! So it was bummer to clip with Kyle Peters in the beginning of the main event and jump off the track. I should have backed down but I was committed to jumping the triple. Really proud of how I rode after going down."

Sean Cantrell (5th)

"It was a great night being able to follow up my best finish of the season with a top-five," said Cantrell. "I really thought I had a podium, but had to settle for fifth. Overall it's been great to run up at the front and be able to manage the speed with the front-runners. It would be great to lock in another good run in Las Vegas at the showdown."

Michael Mosiman (20th)

"This was a motivating day for me," said Mosiman. "The track was so tough. I had a good jump in the heat race but drifted wide because the corner was slip. I was 10th then caught up to fourth. I had a better start in the main, then made a mistake in the rhythm section. The ruts were tricky and it put me way back. I was catching up, but then I made another mistake and got off-balance in the rut. That was the end of my night. It's disappointing but, like I said, it's motivating. Crashing is always frustrating, but I'll overcome everything."

Team Personnel

Erik Kehoe (Team Honda HRC Team Manager)

"Christian got an awesome start and rode strong for the first half of the main event. He made some good passes and worked his way up to 13th by the halfway point. Unfortunately, when he got behind Chad Reed, it seemed like his momentum stopped. He really should have gotten around him, but he began making a lot of mistakes. Overall though, 11th is good and Christian is doing a great job for us. We're looking to finish the last two supercross races this season strong."

Rich Simmons (Mechanic for Christian Craig)

"Overall, I think the day was good—better than last week. Christian rode looser and had his breathing a little more controlled, so he was able to keep his heart rate down throughout the day. He made quite a few mistakes in his heat race, but the track was a lot different than any of the riders had seen so he kind of had to slow down to be smoother and minimize mistakes. His holeshot from the very inside gate in the main event was pretty amazing. It's good to see him get his starts back, but I think it's just confidence for him. In that position you have to get a good start, which he did, but unfortunately he crashed later in the first lap. He did a good job working his way through the pack and salvaging as many positions as he could. Bike-wise, he was happy all day. We tried a different tire in the last practice, but he didn't like it so we switched back to what we started with. Then we also went a little bit softer overall for the main event, just because it was so dry and hard, but other than that there were no big changes."

Jeremy Albrecht (Autotrader/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing Team Manager)

"I will be the first to admit that we weren't expecting what we got from Peters, considering that he has a blown-out knee. It was great to see him finish on the podium. He will do rehab and be better by the Supercross finale in Las Vegas. He won't ride until then, so that may help."

"Peick rode well, but he needs to work on his starts. He makes things happen in the first turn, but he would have a better result if he put himself in a better position off the start. I was hoping that Peick would podium, because he has the capability to do so. Stewart seemed to get stronger throughout the day. He has two more rounds to get that top-five finish, which is very possible."

"It was great to see Jimmy Decotis at the races again, even if he wasn't competing. Decotis was cheering on Peters, which was cool to see. As for the daytime Supercross schedule, I thought it was a good idea. Maybe it would be best if we did the track walk the day before, because doing the track walk at 6:30 am was a bit early. Still, you can't beat being live on FOX television, and the Autotrader/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing Team received a lot of attention."

Jim Perry (Monster Energy/Yamaha Factory Racing Team Manager)

"We were glad to see a heat race win from Justin, it was definitely a step in the right direction after coming back from injury. It was kind of a disappointing night as it ended because we thought Justin could have been on the podium and possibly challenge for a win if he was towards the front at the start. But it's behind us, so we'll move onto Salt Lake City next weekend in elevation and look forward to finishing out the series with a couple podium finishes and possibly challenging for a win."

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