Answered! 32 Questions About The Return of Supercross 7

We're headed to Utah! How will the seven races in Salt Lake City work? Here are some more details on what will happen, and how we got here.

With the announcement of the return of Supercross racing, and seven races to finish up the season in Salt Lake City, there were still plenty of questions to be answered. Fortunately, the MX/SX press got a chance  to check in with the Feld Entertainment Senior Director of Two-Wheel Operations, Dave Prater. He and his crew have been busily trying to figure out the myriad challenges of potential locations, frequently-changing local rules and regulations, while also dealing with the concerns of teams and riders.

Do you have specific questions you're looking for the answer to? Click play to hear Dave's responses.

Dave Prater, back in the day when the Feld Motorsports offices were still based outside of Chicago.

Dave's Opening Statement...

"That was our intent. We did not want to detract from public testing."


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