Social Scoop: Ronnie Mac, Chad Reed, Ryan Villopoto - The Straight Rhythm Rivalry 3

Here's a special edition Social Scoop, as Ronnie Mac takes on Chad Reed and Ryan Villopoto with a heavy verbal war, including a little appearance by Gared Steinke.

Social Scoop: Ronnie Mac, Chad Reed, Ryan Villopoto - The Straight Rhythm Rivalry

Vital's Take: The lead-up to this year's Red Bull Straight Rhythm has been intense, as the announcement of the two-stroke class has brought some heavy hitters out of the woodwork. It all started when Ronnie Mac called out Chad Reed...and it just got so much better from there...

Update: Sadly, it sounds like Chad Reed won't be able to compete in the event due to possible injury sustained during warm up runs at Straight Rhythm yesterday. Hope all is well Chad, the banter you and The Mac produced below, made our off-season.

We made a promise “in good times and bad times” .... rough ending to a wonderful day.

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Vital's Take: The banter begins with some "fishing" from the one and only, Ronnie Mac.

Vital's Take: Chad Reed's first rebuttal.

@uncleronnie69 you don't want none! You'd have less of a fighting chance than McGregor #04 #champ

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Vital's Take: After Chad also posted a picture with multiple bikes in garage, Ronnie coined one hell of a hashtag for CR22.

Vital's Take: Chad snaps back with a little show of speed for The Mac...

As you can see I haven't been riding But 1st day back I got you .covered @uncleronnie69

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Vital's Take: Things were quiet for a bit, outside of this little post from Chad Reed.

Vital's Take: The, the Mac returned with back-to-back posts...starting with Ricky Carmichael.

Vital's Take: After which RV was brought into the mix and another dig at Reed. Read the hashtags in this one, there are some classics...

Vital's Take: Last up for RonRon in this series of posts was a question we've all been asking, where's Bubba?

Vital's Take: Chad drops the news...

Decision made! Let's do this

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Vital's Take: Hill lands in Ron's crossfires....the leader of the electric commie army, ha!

Vital's Take: Finally RV snaps back, reminding The Mac who's got the accomplishments.

Vital's Take: Which led to a response I think most expected, the ole' larry loopout! Poor RV, this image won't be disappearing.

Vital's Take: Ryan Villopoto backs up his earlier claims with a peak at his weapon.

Vital's Take: With the Mac responding quite simply...

Great day of testing! Fuck you @ryanvillopoto

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Vital's Take: Another player enters the arena, with Stankdog pointing out the obvious...he actually races two-strokes!

Vital's Take: Chad pops in for a little reminder on what Aussies can do.

@uncleronnie69 you got nothing !

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Vital's Take: Twitch pops in for his boy CR22.

Vital's Take: Ronnie lays out his plan for the Straight Rhythm.

Probably the only event I won't be finishing first in #sohornyimblind #dirtallday #rontube #imcummingforyou

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Vital's Take: Then Ryan Villopoto takes over as the event looms just days away, first showing off his completed weapon...

Vital's Take: The Mac strikes back with his signature look on RV's chrome machine.

You som b!tch @uncleronnie69 got me already!

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Vital's Take: With RV finally laying down the show of speed, things are ready for the battle to ensue today! Who will come out on top?

  • NorCal 50+

    10/22/2017 11:08 AM

    Watching Stank Dog displace RV was epic...and the Mac! This event delivered.

  • chateu21

    10/22/2017 10:45 AM

    That was a GREAT BANTER RIVALRY...
    Could only been better had a few other 2Stroke GREATS been pulled in, jumped in & stepped up. [Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Kevin Windham, Ivan Tedesco Ect.]

  • #76

    10/21/2017 9:16 AM

    Really enjoyed all that ML. Thank you!. Now, if we could only have some trash talk like that in the Supercross series, man it would be so much more fun!.

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