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ML's Picks

ML's Take: I watched this at least three times!

ML's Take: It's almost off season and time to RELAXX! (swipe through Jo's post)

ML's Take: Who's side are you on?

ML's Take: Double tap!

ML's Take: GEEZUS!

ML's Take: I'll take two.

Grant's Picks

Grant's Take: It’s going to be very interesting to see how Jordon Smith does in 2023 on a Star Racing Yamaha.

Grant's Take: Fun to see Marvin Musquin is ripping a 250f again.  

Grant's Take: The boys going full send.

Grant's Take: Yeah… This takes some serious skill.

Grant's Take: I’ve been told this is actually how the championship will be decided.

Grant's Take: Awesome to see these three representing the USA at Foxhill this year.

Jamie's Picks

Jamie's Take: It’s pretty embarrassing seeing a kid on a 50 do a jump I want no part of.

Jamie's Take: This pass was a lesson to the teacher.

Jamie's Take: This is just a shout out to Kade O’Grady. Met him in 2018 when he graduated the Scotty Adkins School. He paid his dues.

Jamie's Take: Wonder if Jade would trade these for a Darkside jersey?

Jamie's Take: This guy needs to come to the U.S.

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