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​Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: Ohh how many squinty eye'd comments I could make. Undailla was a bit gnarly this year.

Michael's Take: Wow...

Michael's Take: Congrats Filthy Phil!

Michael's Take: Austin Forkner has been hanging out with Ronnie Mac too much...hope you get the reference, ha!

Monday feels caption it @beyoungbewisebefree_

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Michael's Take: Not teammates for much longer...

@unadillamx Barcia flipping off Webb .coming out of gravity cavity!

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Michael's Take: Oh man...

How deep was the mud at the bottom of gravity cavity?

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Michael's Take: I'd just throw it away.

She was a little moist here at the dilla.

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Michael's Take: Pure class.

Michael's Take: Well, the first moto went well...second was a different story. Still, great job Kailub! 

Michael's Take: When it's a full mudder, don't leave it to chance.

Michael's Take: So much Caddywampus...

Michael's Take: Straight Rhythm will be so good this year...the shit talking is in full swing.

Michael's Take: Well, that didn't go to plan.

Non-Moto Picks

Since there's so much gold on IG, we've got a few of our favorite non-moto picks as well.

Michael's Take: THAT WAS BRUTAL!

. . #

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Michael's Take: Sketchhhh

Michael's Take: No thank you.

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