Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: Christophe Pourcel is back on the bike and looks to be rocking an Atlas neckbrace after his latest neck injury from the Washougal National.

Michael's Take: Throwback to the true wheelie king.

Michael's Take: Speedy Reedy putting down some heaters.

Michael's Take: Doesn't matter how good you are, it still happens.

Michael's Take: Whoop prep...

Michael's Take: HA! This made my Monday morning...

Michael's Take: It's not fake... Ha...

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: How about we start out with a handful of really cool pics, such as this one of Reedy. Who knew Byrner was such the photog?

Scottie's Take: This is a slice of moto heaven, just look at that scenery.

Scottie's Take: This looks like a scene from a movie. Good to see Hart back on the bike.

Scottie's Take: Tyler Bereman throwing it upside down for the lens of Garth Milan.

Scottie's Take: That's simply gorgeous.

Scottie's Take: Check out the early skills of Krue Morais on his electric strider.

Scottie's Take: Wait for it... See you next week!

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