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Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: OUCH...

Michael's Take: Aitrix does an awesome job of taking the basic Red Bull design and throwing some flavor to it.

Michael's Take: Sometimes, even the best can't bring it back.

Michael's Take: Matt Walker is very proud of creative genius here, but I'm not sure how stoked his riders are, ha!

Michael's Take: #NukeTheQuads

Michael's Take: Seems like a line I would take...

Michael's Take: It might be a rookie mistake, but I think we can all agree that Austin Forkner has had a fairly consistent and impressive rookie season, so far.

Michael's Take: One extra from me this week. What are these two looking at? Caption this!

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: This is how close Roczen came to throwing it away on the 2nd moto start at Spring Creek.

Scottie's Take: Josh Hill testing some of the latest electric bikes. It's surprising how far they've come.

Scottie's Take: This is some nice moto porn, a works-style caliper that you can own!

Scottie's Take: To most people this is a picture of some dirt. To us moto heads however, that's pure heaven.

Scottie's Take: To say bikes have come a long way in the last 25+ years is quite an understatement. Check out Trampas Parkers title winning KTM in '89.

Scottie's Take: Cody Webb sure knows how to enjoy his spare time.

Scottie's Take: See you next week!

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