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Michael's Picks

Ouch! Ouch! And ouch! The plane ride home was probably not the most comfortable... Get well soon Jake!

Jake Weimer: Update: so I was suppose to get an MRI yesterday and got in the tube and full blown lost my marbles and couldn't get it done. I've done a handful of MRI's and never had a problem so I don't know what happen... I went back this morning and got it done so I should have results tomorrow morning. I have a slight separated shoulder but that is no worries (could ride with that right now). Swelling has gone down in my back a little. I will let you know the results from the MRI.
Tickle angry... Tickle smash pitboard!

RCH Racing: #tbt @broctickle breaks through another riders pit board at A2 a couple years ago. @emeryphoto. #rchracing @soaringeagleresort @suzukicycles @foxracing @sycuan_casino @teamdodge @bel_raycompany #supercross #motocross #mx
Can you guess who Langston kindly took for a ride in this picture?

Grant Langston: #tbt I'd love to say this was not intentional...but that would make me a liar #hangtown #2001
Two Two cooler? Check!

Ellie Reed: Chad already stole the sample and taking it to the track #twotwo cooler #comingSOON. @smoothind
A few weeks ago, Jeff Northrop called out a few guys in the Ice Bucket challenge on Instagram while trying to raise money for his Nephew's brain injury. Since then, it's spread around the moto and mtb industry as everyone completes the challenge and calls out their buddies. Cam Zink's gave a me a bigger laugh than usual though.

Cam Zink: @cammccaul called out @brianlopes55 and I for the #icebucketchallenge . I got it done just before heading to the airport from @highland_mtn @tylermccaul filmed and edited it. I woke up @dberrecloth and called him out. I'm calling him and @mike_mason81 out!
Jimmy Albertson may have missed a few details of the challenge...

Jimmy Albertson: I've been called out! @dano348 @twitchthis1 @ne47 @fmflild. Now I'm calling you out! @georgiaalbertson @treycanard @greggalbertson @captain891 #boilingBucketchallenge
The week off from racing is probably welcomed by a few riders looking to improve. Chad seems to be using the off time to his advantage.

Michael Byrne: @crtwotwo tearing it up today. #lookinggood #progress

Ken Roczen: I like it raw
Here are some whips and punk rock to go with your Monday.

Tyler Bereman: Film & edit @_jsanders/ Song "Bullion" - Millencolin/ #dirtbikekid #tb653

Scottie's Picks

Two strokes sound awesome, even while being goon rode, Ronnie Renner demonstrates: (it's 3 parts)

Ronnie Renner: A little #goonride @gopro action footage with my bud @kenroczen94 . Stay tuned for more
Part 2:

Ronnie Renner: #goonride part 2 with @kenroczen94 getting super #loose and me showing my150 @ktmusa 's 2nd gear who the boss is.
Part 3:

Ronnie Renner: Was gonna save this one for the a.m. wake up call, but screw it, I'm on a roll. @gopro #gopro #goonride pt 3 - art of the rev limite
Dianna Dahlgren puts in some serious work to keep the money maker finely tuned :-)

Dianna Dahlgren: Starting out the morning at one of my favorite places! The gym! Working up to my MAX squat rep! Got up to 165 at @biolayne #vipcamp hoping to hit 175 if my hip flexors don't give me any grief today! Grow booty GROW! #booty #datass #squats #dropitlow
Red Bull announced this week that the first Straight Rhythm will be in October, this should be a pretty interesting event.

Vital MX: Yep, we're already looking forward to this. Red Bull Straight Rhythm. 32 riders. 10/4/14 at Auto Club Raceway in Pomona, CA.
Just a very cool pic of James Stewart from High Point last weekend.

Ryne Swanberg: @therealjs7 going BIG on his way to 1-1 at #highpointmx
Jimmy Albertson gets some starting tips from his dad, LOL.

Jimmy Albertson: @brian_albertson66 showing me how to pull holeshots! here's a Quote" @ridedunlop were hookin up great, did you see my rooster tail?!?"
Here is some good news from the JGR camp, Justin Brayton is ready to make his return.

Jeremy Albrecht: @justinbrayton looking good. Getting ready from Muddy Creek.
The TwoTwo compound, a little slice of moto heaven.

Shift MX: Out here shooting @crtwotwo at his compound. Not a bad view this morning! #moto #motocross #mx #training #bts
Whip it out!! See you next week.

Lance Coury: Feeling like @kenroczen94 in the @foxracing Glen Helen LE gear! : @garthmilan

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