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Week after week we laugh or stand in amazement at what we find in the social media world. So here are some of our top picks from this past week.

Michael's Picks

Lets get this week started with a little action from Justin Hill hitting up his home track.

Justin Hill: So good to be home Spinnin laps #oregon thanks for making all the tracks rad @monteturndown!
The small KTM team in the All Japan Nationals always has some of the most unique bikes, and this one is probably the most unique KTM I have ever seen.

Yoshimura: Check out Uzushio Racing's KTM 450-SX ridden by Yotaka Hoshino in Japan MX series.
Phil Nicoletti was enlisted to try out Moose's newest line of vented gear this weekend. All kidding aside, I was glad to see Filthy Phil walk away from his nasty crash.

RacerXonline: @filthyphil38 big get-off #seattlesx #supercross #motocross #promotocross #motorcycles #sx #moto @supercrosslive #sxonfox @cudby photo
This week Malcolm Stewart revealed one of his training secrets, he starts off every test session with selfies.

Malcolm Stewart: But first let me take a selfie.
Don't make the Honda racing management mad, or this could happen to you.

Simon Cudby: @pulpmx had some issues yesterday... #seattlesx
Justin Hill's moon sand track is epic... don't deny it.

Justin Hill: Moonsand edit #mentalprep
I'll end this week with a little bit of art. If you're ever in California do yourself a favor, drive up the coast and check out this little piece of Moto heaven.

Zaca Station: Tomorrow will be another beautiful day.

Scottie's Picks

James Stewart had a close call on Saturday night, casing a quad pretty badly, and was lucky to save it. Ryne Swanberg of VurbMoto caught him mid flight:

Vurbmoto: @therealjs7 and the quad. @ryneswanberg photo
Here is video of James casing the quad, in slow-mo you can really see the factory suspension at work!

FoxPeteFox: Can't believe Stewart saved this one. Ouch!
Ken Roczen knows how to relax after a rough day....go out and have some fun on your dirt bike! That attitude is why Kenny has become such a fan favorite.

KenRoczen94: When I have a rough day I like to finish it off with a bit of playriding. Reminds me of how fun it is.
Denny Stephenson has been around a long time and is quite the colorful character. Each Tuesday he does a "Old Lid Tue." on his IG account. Last week it was this throwback from his TLD days.

Dbo360: Old lid Tuesday, my 2000 TLD Shoei. This was our team helmet for Budman and myself and it was mass produced for the public. Danish Inspirations was a furniture store my friend Henrik owned. A huge moto enthusiast from Denmark I randomly met out one night back in the 90s in Omaha. Probably the best sponsor I ever had. He pretty much furnished my first two houses. I ran the wolf on top to represent @therickyjohnson. The 12s were to support my longtime friend @btnfly during his horrific injury. Always gotta show your love for your moto family. I had one of my most successful seasons in this brain bucket.
Another funny from Denny, needs no explanation. LOL

Dbo360: Word on the street is Monster pulled their Kawasaki sponsorship. RV2 was witnessed pulling into the Century Link this morning for press day.
Before the Seattle Supercross, James Stewart got to hang out at the Seahawks facility, and even put his hands on The Lombardi Trophy. Here is a shot with his Seahawks themed jersey and some NFL hardware.

TheRealJS7: Almost time to suit up. Got my locker all set up.
Josh Hill was the first rider in practice to hit this gnarly quad in Seattle, and even waved to the crowed on his way to his win in the semi during the night show. Here is video from practice:

Joshill75: Love being the first to huck the big stuff. Filmed by @sunkenskum
...and to end on my whip of the day, who other than JS7. See you next week!

TheRealJS7: Welcome to my World where things are what they seem.

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