Sneak Peek: Alpinestars Motocross Helmet 7

Come Anaheim 1, Broc Tickle will officially debut this new helmet for Alpinestars...

Vital MX: We wish we had more to say but we only found out that Alpinestars had a motocross helmet in the works around four months ago. Outside of a small teaser, this is the first good view we've gotten of the helmet with Broc Tickle doing the honors. Broc's current deal with Arai was still active during the team press launch a few weeks ago, so we didn't see him rock this lid in person, as he waited to run it for the team photoshoot the next day when the media wasn't present. We expect Alpinestars to drop some info at the Superross season opener or possibly in the days leading up to the race. Check back for more details then and until then, scroll down for a few more views of the helmet.

All photos are from KTM/Simon Cudby

From a far away view, the mouth piece reminds us a bit of the latest TLD SE4 but with some sort of feature down low on the mouth guard (the read vented area).

With the visor integration, the top looks a bit flatter and not as round as some helmets on the market.

Another front view...

Marvin Musquin's Airoh in comparison to Broc Tickle's Alpinestars helmet. What does the new A-Stars lid remind you of?

PC: Simon Cudby


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