Silly Season 2023 | Version 2 - Factory and Support Teams 23

Who's going where!?

Vital MX: Welcome back for the second version of our 2023 Silly Season list! Scroll below for what we know.

Factory HRC Honda 

Team: For 2023, things may or may not look the same over at HRC. While Sexton, Jett Lawrence, Hunter Lawrence and Chance Hymas are locked in for the next season...Ken Roczen is not. After being offered a one year extension for Supercross only, things fell apart and he's been replaced by Colt Nichols.

450 Riders:

#23 Chase Sexton: Chase will be entering the final year of his current contract, which runs through 2023.

Gear: Alpinestars helmets, Oakley goggles, Alpinestars gear, and Alpinestars boots.

#45 Colt Nichols (SX Only): After the very public fallout between Honda and Ken Roczen, his spot on the team was put up for grabs and they team has locked in a deal with Colt Nichols. We also think there's a small chance that Colt could remain in a Monster Energy lid alongside Chase on the 450 side of the team.

Gear: Bell helmets, 100% goggles, O'Neal gear, and Alpinestars boots.

250 Riders:

#1E in 250 Supercross / #18 in 450 Motocross) Jett Lawrence (250 East? and 450 MX): It sounds like Jett will most likely defend his number one plate on 250 East before transferring to a 450 come the outdoor season.

Gear: Alpinestars helmets, 100% goggles, Alpinestars gear, and Alpinestars boots.

#96 Hunter Lawrence (250 West?): Hunter Lawrence has re-signed with Honda and is now locked in through 2024. He'll race a 250 indoors and outdoors for the team.

Gear: Alpinestars helmets, 100% goggles, Alpinestars gear, and Alpinestars boots.

#832 Chance Hymas (250 Motocross): HRC rookie, Chance Hymas, will run another season of Supercross Futures before making his full pro season debut at the opening outdoor national next season.

Gear: Fly Racing helmets, Scott goggles, Fly Racing gear, and Alpinestars boots.


Team Manager - Lars Lindstrom

(450) Crew Chief - Shane Drew

(250) Crew Chief - Grant Hutcheson

R&D/Electronics and Special Projects - Ricki Rock

Nichols' Mechanic - Jordan Troxell

Sexton's Mechanic - Brandon Zimmerman

H Lawrence Mechanic - Cameron Camera

J Lawrence Mechanic - Christien Ducharme

Chance Hymas Mechanic - Thomas Harris

Engine R&D (450) - Robert Reichman

Engine Technician (450) - David Presler

Engine R&D (250) - Ryan Cox

Parts Coordinator - Todd Flickinger

Technical Truck Driver - Mike Spraker

Hospitality Truck Driver - 

Race Team Coordinator - Latricia Barbee

Communications Manager - Chris Jonum

Team Consultant / Test Rider - Trey Canard

Phoenix Racing Honda

Team: The Phoenix Racing Honda team has some returning and some new comers for 2023. At the moment, it looks like they'll have a total of five pro riders across Arenacross, Supercross and Motocross. Kyle Peters, Cullin Park and Coty Schock remain at the team for 2023, plus some newcomers.

Team Gear: 6D helmets, FMF goggles, Moose gear, and Alpinestars boots.


#62 Jace Owen (250 East): After two years with ClubMX, Owen returns to the team he won his Arenacross titles with. Supercross-only on the 250 East coast.

#68 Cullin Park (250 East and 450 Nationals): Cullin Park will enter his second pro season alongside Phoenix racing again. He'll race 250 East Coast SX, 450 Nationals, and possibly select Arenacross races.

#110? Kyle Peters (#1 in AX and 250 East?)Kyle Peters will be returning from a near career ending neck injury. Right now it sounds like Peters will focus solely on defending his #1 plate in Arenacross but after their season is wrapped up, we may see Kyle at a few later rounds of 250 East Coast SX.

#285 Coty Schock (250 East and 450 Nationals): After a 2022 season ruined by a knee injury, Coty Schock is set for a comeback in 250 East and back on the big ole 450 come motocross. Why number 285? His prior mechanic and one of his best friends, Tony Archer, rocked that number as well.

#222 Carden Braswell (250 East? and 250 Nationals): The 2022 AMA Nicky Hayden Horizon award winner, Caden Braswell, was picked up by Phoenix Honda for 2022 and 2023.


Team Owner/Manager: David Eller

Peters' Mechanic in Arenacross / plus team Test Rider / Supercross and Motocross Crew Chief: Heath Harrison

Schock's Mechanic: Dalen Vernazza

Park's Mechanic: Kris McCraken

Engine Technician: Gino Aponte

Transporter Driver: Brian "Rabbit" Swead

SmarTop | Bullfrog Spas | MotoConcepts Honda Racing

Team: The MCR team will have a different look in 2023, with a smaller presence on the domestic level in the US as their priorities shift to the World SX series. Their US effort will likely comprise of just a 250 West Coast Supercross effort. Justin Brayton will only compete for the team globally on a 450 but no domestic races.

Team gear: Leatt helmets, Leatt goggles, Leatt gear, and Leatt boots.


#40 Vince Friese (250 West): Vince Friese returns to MCR once again for World Supercross aboard a 450 and switching to a 250 for US West Coast Supercross. He will likely race in head-to-toe Leatt.

#49 Mitchell Oldenburg (250 West): Mitchell Oldenburg returns to MCR once again for World Supercross and US Supercross aboard a 250. He will likely race in head-to-toe Leatt.

#200 Cole Seely (250 West): Initially it sounded like Cole Seely would make his return to AMA racing with the MCR squad, but it's starting to sound like Cole will be WSX only for the team.


Team Owner: Mike Genova

Team Manager: Tony Alessi

Brayton's Mechanic: Shawn Ulikowski

Oldenburg's Mechanic: Nate "Narco" Alexander

Friese's Mechanic: Mike Jones

Seely's Mechanic: Ryan Tosta

Monster Energy Kawasaki

Team: The Factory Kawasaki team was on fire during the 2022 Supercross series with Jason Anderson and he's back for 2023 alongside Adam Cianciarulo who has a fresh contract with his long-time OEM. 


#9 Adam Cianciarulo: Adam Cianciarulo has re-signed with Monster Energy Kawasaki for 2023 and we believe 2024 as well.

Gear: Fox helmets, Fox goggles, Fox gear, and Fox boots.

#21 Jason Anderson: Jason Anderson returns for the second year of his two year contract with the Monster Energy Kawasaki squad.

Gear: Airoh helmet, Scott goggles, Alpinestars gear, and Alpinestars boots.

#55 Austin Forkner (450 MX Only?): Heavy rumors point to Austin Forkner starting the season with Pro Circuit in the 250 Supercross series but ultimately ending his season with the Monster Energy Kawasaki squad aboard a KX450 for the Pro Motocross season. However, it sounds like the AMA is changing their 250 point out rule...putting Forkner in a position where he could stay 250 for the foreseeable future.

Gear: ?


Team Manager - Dan Fahie

Cianciarulo's Crew Chief - Oscar Wirdeman

Cianciarulo's Mechanic - Justin Shantie

Anderson's Crew Chief - Theo Lockwood

Anderson's Mechanic - Jason "Rango" Montoya

Parts and Testing Coordinator - Kurt Rood

Transport Driver - Brian "BigB" Barnhart

Test Mechanic: Brian Kranz

Test Rider - Broc Tickle

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki

Team: Mitch Payton's legendary team has an identical when compared the 2022 lineup. The team will retain the same look with Fox gear and boots, Bell helmets, and Scott goggles for all racers aboard a PC bike.

Team gear: Bell helmets, Scott goggles, Fox gear, and Fox boots.


#30 Jo Shimoda: Jo enters the final year of his current agreement with Kawasaki and Pro Circuit. However, we wouldn't be shocked to see an extension announced for 2024 and beyond before the current year is up or fairly early into next year. Jo has been the rock for the PC team in 2022.

#55 Austin Forkner (250 SX Only?): Austin Forkner's 2023 has been a highly debated topic around the media part this year. For the life of us, no one could seem to get a read on what his deal was for the next year. Forkner is locked in with Kawasaki for 2023 and it's sounding like he'll ride a 250 in Supercross for the Pro Circuit squad, before moving to a 450 outdoors with the Factory Kawi team? Or that might not end up happening and he'd stay with the team through outdoors.

#35 Seth Hammaker: Seth has locked himself into a new two year deal, keeping him the PC team for 2023 and 2024.

#48 Cameron McAdoo: Cameron has locked himself into a new two year deal, keeping him the PC team for 2023 and 2024.

#124 Jett Reynolds: Jett was set to turn pro in 2021 but due to injuries this was pushed into 2022. However, that was derailed as well and ultimately we won't see the Bakersfield native and long-time Team Green rider make his true pro debut until Supercross of 2023. 2023 also marks the final year of his current contract with Kawasaki.

#75 Ryder DiFrancesco: After some initial confusion over Ryder D's contract status going into 2023, Kawasaki clarified it will have Ryder run another season of Supercross futures before running the entire 2023 Pro Motocross series (similar to Chance Hymas). However, at this time we believe his current agreement only takes him through the 2023 season.


Team Manager: Mitch Payton

Crew Chief: Ian Southwell

Team R&D: Mike "Schnikey" Tomlin

Shimoda's Mechanic: Matt Goodbred

Forkner's Mechanic: Tony Archer

Hammaker's Mechanic: Jacob Martin

McAdoo's Mechanic: Derek Dwyer (Dwyer comes over from TLD, while Cameron's prior mechanic Kyle Defoe heads to Red Bull KTM)

Reynolds' Mechanic: Ryan Hughes

DiFrancesco's Mechanic: ?

Showa Suspension Technician: Adrian Bernal

Pro Circuit Suspension R&D: Luke Boyk

Team Transporter Driver: James "Jimmy Jack" Shofner

Rockstar Husqvarna Factory Racing

Team: The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna team has seen a lot of changes over the past two years and we expect a couple more heading into 2023. Few rider and crew changes but it'll look fairly similar in 2022. 

450 Riders:

#28 Christian Craig: The worst kept secret of the year! Christian Craig signed with the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna team part way through Supercross on a two year 450 deal (2023 and 2024). Even though he could defend his 250 Supercross Championship, Craig has chosen to go 450 full time. And yes, Craig will be joining the Baker's Factory.

Gear: Fox helmets, Fox goggles, Fox gear, and Fox boots.

#27 Malcolm Stewart: After a career best season in 2022 Supercross, Malcolm continues with the team into the second year of his two year contract. 

Gear: Shoei helmets, Scott goggles, Seven gear (DUH), and Gaerne boots

250 Riders:

250 Team Gear: Fly Racing helmets, Scott goggles, Fly Racing gear, and Gaerne boots.

#24 RJ Hampshire: At one point, there was talk of RJ looking at other options for 2023 but he ultimately landed on another extension with the Husky crew. Albeit, we believe it to be just for one year.

#38 Jalek Swoll: Jalek returns for the second year of his current two year contract with the Husky team.

Amateur Team:

#339 Talon Hawkins (A Class and Pro): Talon Hawkins continues as the team's official A class amateur entry, racing Supercross Futures and select pro motocross nationals.

#66 Casey Cochran (B Class): Cochran joins the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna team on a multi-year amateur to pro contract.


Team Manager: Nate Ramsey

Team Coordinator: Sean Murphy

Crew Chief: Tony Hall

Lead Mechanic: Chris Loredo (Moving from individual rider role to an over-arching role in assisting all mechanics on team, testing, and more)

Craig's Mechanic: Jared Warrik (Joins Rockstar Husky after wrenching for AEO KTM in 2022)

Stewart's Mechanic: Tyler Thomas

Hampshire's Mechanic: Anthony Amos

Swoll's Mechanic: Jedediah Rodriguez

450 Suspension Technician: Todd Brown

250 Suspension Technician: Craig Monty

Technical Transporter Driver: John Addison

Hospitality Transporter Driver: Paul Delaurier 

Factory Red Bull KTM

Team: The Red Bull KTM team looked to be downsizing the last couple years but now it's going big again! Confirmed already are five riders, three 450 and two on 250s...with a strong possibility that the Dunge makes it four 450s. The team will have to staff up a bit on mechanics, so we'll have another update soon. 

450 Riders:

#2 (450 SX Only?) Cooper Webb: KTM announced that Cooper Webb will stay with the team in 2023, but he only signed a one year extension to do this. This extension is also a Supercross only-deal, with an option to race Pro Motocross. Meaning we could see Webb both indoors and outdoors, but it's more likely to be indoors only. This also could be the last year we see Webb on orange as there is some serious talk of changes for him in 2024.

Gear: Bell helmet, 100% goggles, Thor gear, and Alpinestars boots.

#5 Ryan Dungey: Ryan Dungey had the option to return in 2023 but decided to step back away from racing. Thanks for the Summer of fun Dunge!

#7 Aaron Plessinger: Aaron enters the second year of his two year deal with Red Bull KTM with Jade Dungey keeping his bike in check. 

Gear: Alpinestars helmet, 100% goggles, Thor gear, and Alpinestars boots.

#25 Marvin Musquin (450 SX Only): Marvin defies the odds again, as retirement continues to be pushed back. The fan favorite Frenchman will be back for another year of 450 Supercross with the Red Bull KTM squad. However, his long-time mechanic Franke Latham has moved up to a Team Coordinator position....meaning Marv will need a new wrench for 2023. Marvin will have slightly different look for 2023, switching from long-time sponsor Thor to O'Neal for gear.

Gear: Airoh helmet, 100% goggles, O'Neal gear, and Alpinestars boots.

250 Riders:

#128 Tom Vialle: MX2 World Champion Tom Vialle will be making his move across the pond to stay aboard a KTM 250 SX-F instead of making the move to the MXGP class. The young French rider has some Supercross experience and will join the team on what we believe to be a new two year deal and race both Supercross and Pro Motocross in his first season in the US. It sounds like he'll be paired with Richard "Pedro" Sterling for mechanic duties.

Gear: Airoh Helmets, 100% Goggles, Thor Gear, and Alpinestars boots.

#34 Maximus Vohland: Max enters the third year of his three year contract. Meaning after 2023, KTM will either renew the young Northern Californian-native, or he will look elsewhere.

Gear: Fox helmets, Scott goggles, Fox gear, and Fox boots.


Team Manager - Ian Harrison

Team Coordinator - Frankie Latham

Webb's Mechanic - Carlos Rivera

Plessinger's Mechanic - Jade Dungey

Tom Vialle's Mechanic - Richard "Pedro" Sterling (switches from test mechanic / Antonio Cairoli role in 2022 to race wrench for Tom Vialle)

Musquin's Mechanic - Kyle Defoe (Musquin's long time mechanic Frankie Latham moved to team coordinator role, Kyle Defoe incoming from Pro Circuit Kawasaki)

Vohland's Mechanic - Austin Watterson

450 Race Transporter Driver - Cory Flewellen

250 Race Transporter Driver - ? (KTM is adding a third semi for 2023, meaning they will need one more driver)

Hospitality Transporter Driver - Pat Muras

Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha

Team: The Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha team had a huge 2021 off-season into 2022. A big turnover in mechanics, a larger 250 team, Eli Tomac joining and more! For 2023, there's a bit of changes on the 250 riders but now the move to Florida is complete and the mechanics are fairly locked in. The biggest task now is getting the 2023 YZ450F dialed in for Tomac's last hoorah! By the way, the team has over 20 employees that we know of now!

450 Riders:

#1 Eli Tomac (450 SX Only): Eli has opted to go Supercross only for what will likely be the final year of his pro career and defending the number one plate for the Star team aboard the all-new 2023 YZ450F.

Gear: Bell helmets, Oakley goggles, Alpinestars gear, and Alpinestars boots.

#14 Dylan Ferrandis: Dylan will entering his third 450 year with Yamaha and Star Racing. 2023 is also the first year of a new contract with the team.

Gear: Bell helmets, 100% goggles, Thor gear, and Alpinestars boots.

Third 450 Rider?: There's been some talk of a third 450 rider at Star? Maybe Ken Roczen?

250 Riders:

Gear for all 250 riders: Alpinestars helmets, 100% goggles, Thor gear, and Alpinestars boots.

#32 Justin Cooper (450 SX Maybe? | 250 MX Only): Justin Cooper is set to be in a slightly weird spot coming into 2023. He's official out of the 250 Supercross class due to his championship in 2020 but the team has locked him down to still race a 250 in Pro Motocross for 2023. This means he either won't race Supercross at all, or might do a few early rounds on the 450 to get his feet wet for 2024 when he moves up full-time. Either way, we expect J-Coop to do a full off-season in Supercross aboard the 450 to learn. If he races it will be the question.

#29 Nate Thrasher: Nate Thrasher enters his third full pro season with the team.

#40 Stilez Robertson: Stilez Robertson joins the team, having only ridden for the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna team since he turned pro. Stilez is on a new contract of course which will take him through 2023 and 2024.

#43 Levi Kitchen: Levi Kitchen enters his second full pro season with the team.

#54 Nick Romano: After turning pro for the 2022 Pro Motocross season, Nick Romano will make his Supercross debut with Star racing.

#58 Jordan Smith: Jordan joins the Star Yamaha team for 2023. This is the fourth factory level 250 team that Smith has raced for.

#88 Guillem Farres (250 MX Only?): The Spanish surprise! Guillem Farres impressed the public and the team as it's being reported he is signing a two year deal with the team. 250 Motocross only in 2023 and 250 Supercross and Motocross in 2024. Unless Guillem meets certain criteria, which could bump him into Supercross in 2023.

#438 Haiden Deegan (250 MX Only?): Haiden Deegan's 2023 plans could go many ways. We're certain you'll see him in SX Futures but what after that? Maybe 250 East Coast Supercross if things are going well? Maybe all of 250 Pro Motocross? Maybe select Nationals until he races Loretta Lynn's in the A class? We could see it going with any of those scenarios. No matter what, we will see him behind the gate as a pro for Star Racing at some point in 2023.


Owner: Bobby Reagan

Co-Owner and Team Principal: Brad Hoffman

450 Team Manager: Jeremy Coker

250 Team Manager: Jensen Hendler

450 Engine Technician: Brian Calma

250 Engine Technician: Trevor Carmichael

250 Engine Technician: Georgie Frye

450 Suspension Technician: Ricky Gilmour

250 Suspension Technician: Drew Hopkins

250 Suspension Assistant: Jake Price

Tomac's Mechanic: Josh "Jelly" Ellingson

Ferrandis' Mechanic: Alex Cambell

Robertson's Mechanic: Colin Burgh (joined Star mid-way through 2022 for Colt Nichols, wrenched for Guillem Farres, placed with Stilez Robertson for 2023)

Cooper's Mechanic: Daniel Castloo

Farres' Mechanic: Wyatt Matson (worked for Haiden Deegan in 2022, moved to Guillem Farres for 2023).

Romano's Mechanic: Hunter Layton

Thrasher's Mechanic: Christian Kauffman

Smith's Mechanic: Justin Hopson (Joins the team with Jordan Smith. Has been his long-time practice mechanic and race mechanic at FirePower Honda in 2022)

Kitchen's Mechanic: Konner Croushorn

Deegan's Mechanic: Brent Duffe (Wrenched for Christian Craig in 2022, moved to Deegan for 2023) Wyatt Matson

450 Transporter Driver: Ken Stultz

250 Transporter Driver: "Big John" Shelburne

Red Bull/TLD GasGas Factory Racing

Team: 2023 will mark TLD's third year as the Factory GasGas entry. The rider's list remains unchanged but the same with the staff. In all, it should be a fairly similar look overall this next season. However, we think that all three riders on the team are entering the final year of their respective contracts.

Gear for all team riders: Troy Lee Designs helmets, Oakley goggles, Troy Lee Designs gear, and Alpinestars boots.

450 Riders:

#51 Justin Barcia: Justin enters what we believe to be the final year of his current deal. Could this be the final year of racing for BamBam? We'll have to wait and find out.

250 Riders:

#31 Michael Mosiman: Michael is back for 2023.

#33 Pierce Brown: Pierce is back for 2023 on a new contract taking him through 2024 with the team.


Team Manager: Tyler Keefe

Crew Chief: Olly Stone (Moves up to Crew Chief in 2023, previously Barcia's wrench.)

Barcia's Mechanic: Cody Champagne (Steps up from test mechanic to race duty in 2023 with Barcia.)

Mosiman's Mechanic: Jay Burgess

Brown's Mechanic: Jake Isaac (Isaac joins the team from BarX Suzuki. Brown's 2022 mechanic, Derek Dwyer, leaves to join Pro Circuit Kawasaki.)

Suspension Technician: Hunter Falk (Prior technician, Adam Walters, moves to a new position over all of US racing for WP Suspension.)

Transport Driver: Jerry Bernstein

Twisted Tea/HEP Suzuki presented by Progressive Insurance

Team: The HEP squad has an interesting off-season approaching them. Gearing up for World SX, trying to take on a full US and World schedule, rumors of a six man team for 2023 to fill all those racing slots....and a possibly brand change? The team is rumored to have an option to go Kawasaki but it seems like they'll most likely stay Suzuki for 2023.

Team gear: Thor helmets, 100% goggles, Thor gear, and Alpinestars boots.

450 Riders:

#17 Joey Savatgy? (450 SX and WSX): Strong rumors of Joey Savatgy landing at HEP in 2023...we'd guess for US and World Supercross

#37 Brandon Hartfrant: Brandon returns to the HEP squad in 2023. The questions is will he race a 450 in US Supercross and World SX? Or US Supercross then Pro Motocross?

#722 Adam Enticknap (450 SX Only): We believe that Adam is returning for another season with the team.

Fourth 450 Rider?:

250 Riders:

#50 Marshal Weltin (250 SX US and World SX): It's looking likely that Marshal Weltin will ride a 250 for the HEP squad in both US Supercross and World Supercross come 2023.

#85 Dillan Schwartz (250 SX US and ?): It's rumored that Schwartz will follow Larry Brooks over to HEP as their second 250 rider.


Team Owner: Dustin Pipes

Team Manager: Larry Brooks (Brooks joins HEP after being the team manager at BarX for the past few seasons)

? Mechanic: Andrew Livingston

Hartfrant's Mechanic: Travis Soules

Enticknap's Mechanic: Mike Medina

Transport Driver:

AEO Powersports KTM Racing

Team: AEO Powersports returns for 2023 and with more support from KTM. The program includes in-house suspension department REP, head up by ex-Red Bull KTM suspension guy Mark Johnson. However, the team will run just two riders in 2023 instead of the three they had for 2022.

Team gear: 6D helmets, Shot gear (switching from O'Neal in 2022), Oakley goggles, and Alpinestars boots.

250 Riders:

#41 Josh Varize (250 West): After starting the year aboard a back-door Rockstar Husky, Josh Varize concluded his season with the help of the AEO team. We expect him to continue on for 2023 with the Murrieta, Ca based squad.

#42 Derek Kelly (250 West): After a breakout season, Derek Kelley is likely to rejoin the team in 2023.


Team Owner/Manager: Jeremy Scism

Suspension Technician: Mark Johnson and JR Boyd

Kelly's Mechanic: Scott Youngstand

Varize's Mechanic: Joe Dehart

Transporter Driver: TBA

Support Teams

Muc-Off/FXR/ClubMX Yamaha Racing

Team: ClubMX has a lot of returning riders and changes heading into 2022. The team will race both West and East coast 250 series, Pro Motocross, and have a full-time 450 guy. New semi, more staff, and head-to-knee deal with FXR.

Team gear: FXR/6D helmets, Factory Ride goggles, FXR gear, and Gaerne boots.

450 Riders:

As of now, it doesn't look like ClubMX will house a full-time 450 guy in 2023

250 Riders:

#6 Jeremy Martin (250 East): Jeremy is still on a Yamaha in 2023 but with a different team. The Minnesota-native will race for ClubMX in 250 Supercross and likely a 250 come outdoors as well (although, we wouldn't be shocked if he ends up on a 450).

#36 Garrett Marchbanks (250 West SX / 450 MX): Marchbanks has signed a new deal with the team for 2023. We'd expect it to be his last season in 250 Supercross and he will again race a 450 come outdoors.

#56 Enzo Lopes (250 West SX Only): Enzo returns to the team again in 2023 but only for 250 Supercross. The Brazilian has locked in some Supercross deals in his home country of Brazil, which runs at the same time as our Pro Motocross series. Meaning Enzo will race Supercross only for ClubMX in 2023.

#715 Phil Nicoletti (250 East / 450 MX): Phil returns to deathcross yet again...we'd expect to see Phil on a 250 indoors and 450 outdoors as well.


Team Owner: Brandon Haas

BarX Suzuki

Team: The BarX team is looking at some changes in 2023. Some major staff has departed and the program is rumored to be a 250 West only program for next year.


#52 Carson Mumford (250 West): Mumford looks set to run his second year with the BarX team.

#53 Derek Drake (250 West): Drake looks likely to return for his third year with the BarX squad.

#59 Robbie Wageman (250 West): Robbie Wageman is rumored to be joining the team for all of 2023.


Team Manager: ? (Larry Brooks departs the team for HEP)

Engine Technician: ? (Eric BigMac departs the team for HEP)

Drake's Mechanic: Tyler Michelson

Mumford's Mechanic: Taylor Muto

Wageman's Mechanic:

Team Trainer: Bradley Taft

FirePower Honda

Team: The Australian founded FirePower Honda team returns for 2023. The team will be based out of MTF in Georgia with Martin Davalos handling the management duties. However, the team will have a different look on the rider side of things. The team is setup to race US Supercross only with some of their riders racing World SX as well.

Team Gear: Fly Racing helmets, Fly Racing goggles, Fly Racing gear, and Alpinestars boots.

450 Riders:

#15 Dean Wilson (450 SX Only): Dean joins the FirePower team for World Supercross and US Supercross aboard a 450 in 2023. We won't see him come Pro Motocross. Dean has retained his personal sponsorship with Rockstar Energy.

250 Riders:

#63 Max Anstie (250 East): Max joins the FirePower squad on a unique deal to race 250 US Supercross, 250 World Supercross and potentially the Australian Supercross series as well! He'll now be based out of Georgia at MTF.

#? Wilson Todd (250 East): The team will field a second 250 rider in the US as well and it's likely to be from their Australian squad in the wya of Wilson Todd.


Team Owner: Yarrive Konovsky

Team Manager: Martin Davalos

Mechanics: TBA

Team Solitaire Yamaha

Team: 2023 will be a different year for the Team Solitaire Yamaha. It sounds like they'll have a new title sponsor and two new riders coming into Anaheim 1.

Team Gear: Leatt helmets, Leatt goggles, Leatt gear, and Leatt boots.

250 Riders:

#76 Nique Thury (250 West SX): After racing for ClubMX on SX only in 2021 and 2022, Nique Thury moves to Solitaire for 2023.

#83 Cole Thompson (250 West SX): Thompson joins the team in 2023 after privateering 2022.


Team Owners: Ryan Clark and Chris Elliott

Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/Rides Unlimited/Seven KTM Racing

Team: The Rides Unlimited team has been around for a few years now in the amateur realm and dabbled in SX during 2022. We suspect to see them back in 2023 and with a new title sponsor!

250 Riders:

#115 Jonah Geistler: Jonah has been with the program since its inception over seven years ago.

#192 Jack Chambers: Jack Chambers enters his fifth year with the Rides Unlimited crew.

#89 Kaeden Amerine: It sounds like Amerine will join the Rides Unlimited program for 2023.

#604 Max Miller:

Liqui Moly/AJE Motorsports

Team: 2022 will be AJE's sixth full season in Supercross. They have a new title sponsor and will likely run three riders as usual.

250 West Coast Supercross Riders:

# Mitchell Harrison (250 West): Mitchell Harrison looks to be staying with the AJE team in 2023 and then returning to Canada for their motocross season.


Team Owner: Tony Eyrich

Team Manager: Erik Burkhart

Harrison's Mechanic: Duke Ludewig

Seven/Revo Kawasaki

Team: The British-based team is setting up a shop in the US for 2023 and will hit the 250 West Coast with two riders.

250 Riders:

#101 Dylan Walsh (250 West): Dylan Walsh returns for another crack at Supercross.

Second Rider?:

Team Tedder Racing


450 Riders:

#46 Justin Hill (SX Only): 

Gear: Bell helmet, Von Zipper goggles, Fasthouse gear, and Gaerne boots.

#751? Josh Hill (SX Only): 

Gear: Fox helmet, Fox goggles, Fox gear, and Alpinestars boots.


Team Manager: Dakota Tedder

Justin Hill's Mechanic: Shawn "Longhorn" Bell

Privateer Teams

SGB Unlimited

Team: We believe that SGB will be back for 2023 but team mainstays Cade Clason and Alex Ray, are both moving on for 2023.

450 Riders:


250 Riders:



Team Owner: Jason

International SX Race Team

Team: Bubba Pauli's Maddparts Circuit Equipment Namura Technologies Kawasaki is back for 2023.

#282 Bubba Pauli - (450 SX):

#848 Joan Cross - (450 SX):

Butler Brothers MX

Team: The Butler Brothers Motocross team, formerly known as Rocky Mountain ATC-MC / KTM / WPS Racing, was able to make it through the remainder of 2022. However, will it continue? Sounds like they're trying and will be on Kawasakis in 2023.

450 Riders:

? Freddy Noren:


Team Manager: Forrest Butler

Crew Chief: Derek Rankin

Transport Driver: ?


Team: The PRMX team is back for 2023. 

450 Riders:

#68 Cade Clason: Cade Clason will return to the PRMX squad after a year away from the team.

#219 Chase Marquier: Chase will join PRMX for 2023.

250 Riders:

#508 Hunter Yoder (250 West): It sounds likely that Hunter Yoder will join PRMX in 2023 after riding for Ti-Lube in 2022 for his rookie pro season.

#86 Josiah Natzke (250 East): After joining the PRMX squad for some Canadian Nationals, Natzke has locked in with them for 2023 in the states.


Team Owner/Manager: Julien Perrier

Crew Chief: Brendan Muzyka

Engine Development: Jesse Williams

Engine Technician: David Gringas

Suspension Technician: Tim Bennett (TCD)

Mechanic: Joseph Kremkow

Rock River Yamaha

Team: Rock River has been around for quite some time and they're trying to come back stronger for 2023.


#11 Kyle Chisholm - (450 SX): Chiz will continue to Chiz aboard a nearly stock YZ450F and still making mains. SX suspension, bars, and a pipe is all this man needs to make factory riders cry.

Gear: LS2 helmets, Eks Brand goggles, Atlas neck brace, FXR gear, and Sidi boots.

#44 Benny Bloss - (450SX and MX?): It's rumored that Benny Bloss will join Rock River Yamaha for 2023.

Gear: ?

Privateers / Still Looking / We Don't Know

#17 Joey Savatgy - (450SX): 

#60 Justin Starling - (450 SX): Justin Starling for the third year has his own 450 Supercross program.

#81 Kevin Moranz - (450 SX): Kevin Moranz will be a privateer again in 2023.

#? Freddy Noren - (450SX):

#73 Logan Karnow - (250 West / 450 East): Logan Karnow will have his own program for 2023.

#314? Alex Ray - (450SX): Alex Ray has bought Yamahas and might be on his own in 2023.

#93 Jerry Robin: Jerry Robin is set to have a shoulder surgery in the 2022 off-season could delay his 2023 plans.

#121 Chris Howell - (250 West / 450 East):

#? Ryan Breece - (450SX):

#914 Geran Stapleton - (250 West): The Australian is rocking a GASGAS for 2023 on the West coast.


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