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Chad Reed swept the table on Friday night at the Rockstar Energy U.S. Open in Las Vegas, grabbing the fastest time in Superpole qualifying, winning his heat race, taking the holeshot in the main, and the win there as well. That sets him up for a possible $250,000 payday if he can do the same thing again on Saturday night.

Behind Chad in the main event were Team Yamaha's Grant Langston, and Team Honda's Andrew Short. The format for this year combined the 250Fs with the 450s, and Aussie newcomer Dan Reardon was the top finisher among the smaller-bore bikes, in sixth spot.

Team Kawasaki's James Stewart had run in both practice sessions, but withdrew from the event late in the afternoon citing a lack of preparation time following his knee surgery. You can click the following link to check out quotes from James Stewart about his decision to not race.

Check the links above for much more information, both for the race itself, and the action in the pits before the race, and don't forget to check back on Saturday for more from the U.S. Open.

Superpole Qualifying

1 Chad Reed 0:44.476
2 Andrew Short 0:45.059
3 Grant Langston 0:45.133
4 Mike Alessi 0:45.597
5 Michael Byrne 0:45.945
6 Dan Reardon 0:46.054
7 Jake Weimer 0:47.040
8 Justin Brayton 0:47.267
9 Josh Demuth 0:48.331
10 Timmy Ferry 1:22.492

Heat 1

1 Grant Langston (Yamaha)
2 Andrew Short (Honda)
3 Josh Demuth (Honda)
4 Michael Byrne (Suzuki)
5 Eric Sorby (Kawasaki)
6 Branden Jesseman (Suzuki)
7 Heath Voss (Honda)
8 Kyle Cunningham (Honda)
9 Tommy Hofmaster (Yamaha)
10 Jeff Gibson (Kawasaki)
11 Jerry Lymburner (Yamaha)
12 Tyler Medeglia (Suzuki)

Heat 2

1 Mike Alessi (Suzuki)
2 Timmy Ferry (Kawasaki)
3 Justin Brayton (KTM)
4 Billy Laninovich (KTM)
5 Cole Siebler (Honda)
6 Tyler Bowers (Yamaha)
7 Bryan Johnson (Honda)
8 Leighton Lillie (Honda)
9 Kevin Johnson (Yamaha)
10 Joe Oehlhof (Kawasaki)
11 James Stewart (Kawasaki)
12 Chris Gosselaar (Honda)

Heat 3

1 Chad Reed (Yamaha)
2 Dan Reardon (Honda)
3 Jake Weimer (Honda)
4 Jason Thomas (Honda)
5 Ryan Clark (Honda)
6 Jacob Marsack (Honda)
7 Brock Sellards (Kawasaki)
8 Chris Blose (Honda)
9 Jim Neese (Suzuki)
10 Jeff Alessi (Honda)
11 Kyle Tobin (Honda)

Semi 1

1 Michael Byrne (Suzuki)
2 Eric Sorby (Kawasaki)
3 Bryan Johnson (Honda)
4 Leighton Lillie (Honda)
5 Kevin Johnson (Yamaha)
6 Branden Jesseman (Suzuki)
7 Jeff Alessi (Honda)
8 Kyle Tobin (Honda)

Semi 2

1 Heath Voss (Honda)
2 Ryan Clark (Honda)
3 Jason Thomas (Honda)
4 Jacob Marsack (Honda)
5 Joe Oehlhof (Kawasaki)
6 Tommy Hofmaster (Yamaha)
7 Kyle Cunningham (Honda)
8 James Stewart (Kawasaki)
9 Chris Gosselaar (Honda)

Semi 3

1  Billy R Laninovich (KTM)
2 Cole T Siebler (Honda)
3 Tyler Bowers (Yamaha)
4 Jeff Gibson (Kawasaki)
5 Brock Sellards (Kawasaki)
6 Chris Blose (Honda)
7 Tyler D Medaglia (Suzuki)
8 Jim Neese (Suzuki)
9 Jerry Lymburner (Yamaha)


1 Bryan Johnson (Honda)
2 Eric Sorby (Kawasaki)
3 Cole Siebler (Honda)
4 Leighton Lillie (Honda)
5 Tommy Hofmaster (Yamaha)
6 Joe Oehlhof (Kawasaki)
7 Tyler Medeglia (Suzuki)
8 Jim Neese (Suzuki)
9 Kevin Johnson (Yamaha)
10 Jerry Lymburner (Yamaha)
11 Kyle Cunningham (Honda)

Main Event

1 Chad Reed (Yamaha)
2 Grant Langston (Yamaha)
3 Andrew Short (Honda)
4 Timmy Ferry (Kawasaki)
5 Mike Alessi (Suzuki)
6 Josh Demuth (Honda)
7 Dan Reardon (Honda)
8 Justin Brayton (KTM)
9 Michael Byrne (Suzuki)
10 Jake Weimer (Honda)
11 Jason Thomas (Honda)
12 Billy Laninovich (KTM)
13 Bryan Johnson (Honda)
14 Heath Voss (Honda)
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