Results and Photos – Jeremy McGrath Invitational Saturday Night

UPDATE! You can check out a large gallery of photos from Saturday night's action by clicking here .

Kevin Windham repeated his performance from Friday night again on Saturday, sweeping the night's races. That gave him the $125,000 overall victory,  and pocketing a cool $185,000 total for the weekend. During the Head-To-Head racing, Kevin was once again followed by his Sobe No Fear/Samsung/Honda teammate, Josh Grant, who proved that his Honda CRF250R was more than competitive against the bigger bikes in the class. 

 In the 16-lap Main Event, Moto XXX's Kyle Lewis led the way into the first turn, along with Windham, Eric Sorby, and David Vuillemin. K-Dub quickly moved to the lead, and was never seriously threatened. Behind him, David Vuillemin once again looked more like the Cobra of old, moving past Lewis, and his fellow Frenchman, Sorby, to finish in second spot. Josh Grant couldn't quite match his impressive second-place finish from the previous night, but once again sliced through the pack of bigger bikes to round out the podium.

We're working on a gallery of photos from Saturday night now, and be sure to check back for a closer look at the night's events.


  1. Kevin Windham (Honda)
  2. David Vuillemin (Honda)
  3. Josh Grant (Honda)
  4. Heath Voss (Honda)
  5. Jason Thomas (Honda)
  6. Greg Schnell (Suzuki)
  7. Chad Johnson (Suzuki)
  8. Josh Hansen (KTM)
  9. Danny Smith (Honda)
  10. Jiri Dostal (Yamaha)
  11. Kyle Mace (Kawasaki)
  12. Joe Oehlhof (Suzuki)
  13. Eric Sorby (Honda)
  14. Justin Mace (Kawasaki)
  15. Robbie Reynard (Honda)
  16. Jeff Dement (Honda)
  17. Jeff Willoh (Honda)
  18. Kyle Lewis (Honda)
  19. Cole Seibler (Honda)


  1. Kevin Windham
  2. Josh Grant
  3. Jason Thomas
  4. Danny Smith
  5. Greg Schnell
  6. Heath Voss
  7. Jeff Dement
  8. Josh Hansen
  9. Eric Sorby
  10. Kyle Lewis
  11. Jiri Dostal
  12. Cole Seibler
  13. Chad Johnson
  14. Robbie Reynard
  15. Kyle Mace
  16. Jeff Willoh
  17. Justin Mace
  18. Joe Oehlhof
  19. David Vuillemin DNF

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