We've been huge fans of Mophie for a while now, as they build some really killer battery packs that drastically extend the usable daily limit of our mobile devices. But if you were checking out the action from the Monster Energy Cup, and saw the fork guards on Chad Reed's bike, you might have been wondering exactly what a Mophie OutRide is. Well, wonder no more. It's a wide-angle, waterproof mounting system for your iPhone. Mated with the dedicated Mophie OutRide app, you can harness the high quality HD video capabilities of your iPhone, and shoot, edit and quickly upload photos and videos of your daily adventures.

Reedy's bike at the Monster Energy Cup. Click any image in the article for a larger version.

We were impressed with the quality of the case and hardware...not to mention the results.

While in video shooting mode, you can pick the quality and frames per second, and also lock the focus to prevent the camera from racking the focus back and forth while you're recording.

In our first experiment with the OutRide, we tested its mudproofing capabilities at the Endurocross Finals in Las Vegas. As you'll see, Taddy Blazusiak was happy to help.

Here's the after view.

We were using the open back instead of of the fully closed underwater back, and there was a little clean-up required on the phone. But all in all, not bad.

Here's another one, from A Day In The Dirt at Glen Helen.

Yep, we had Steve Cox take it for a test run. The lap you see was his first one around the DITD course.

As you can see, the quality's stellar, and you can edit the in and out point of the videos before upload. Speaking of uploads, you can upload via 3g or 4g, but at reduced quality levels. For best quality, upload via Wi-Fi. When you're in the app you can check out the latest photos in videos, broken down by category, and like and comment on your favorites.

The housing itself is constructed from high-impact, water-proof and lightweight polycarbonate, and the wide-angle lens features a 170-degree viewing angle. To our eye it's a bit less extreme than some of the other cameras we've use, and won't leave you with a case of fisheye.

There are also a variety of mounts available, including flat stick-on mounts for surboards, handlebar mounts for mountain bikes, or the usual assortment of flat and curved helmet mounts. We found that aiming the camera on the helmet mounts was particularly easy, since you could use the video screen.

Here's a peek at the OutRide app. Uploads are fast and easy. Like we mention in the story, plan on Wi-Fi for the video uploads so that you achieve best quality.

Suggested retail for Mophie's Outride is $149.95 and it comes in all black with a red aluminum bezel at mophie.com or an all white with silver aluminum bezel exclusively at Apple.com. The OUTRIDE app is available on the app store for free.

Upside: You don't need a dedicated camera. Besides the quality of the photos and video, the best aspect of Mophie's OutRide is the social side of the app. Why wait to upload to show your fans what you've been up to?

Downside: It's heavier than a dedicated camera. It's also your phone. Don't try this at home without replacement insurance.

Bottom Line: We dig it, and it's found a happy place in our bag of tricks.

For more info visit www.mophie.com.

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