Race Shop Build: 2021 Honda CRF110 3

Check out our latest Race Shop Build with a 2021 Honda CRF110 pit bike!


With the pit bike scene making a giant comeback, we decided to join the party and build one of our own. Don Leib from Rocket Exhaust has quite a bit of experience in building 110 machines so we brought him in to help. In this Race Shop Build, we take David Pingree's personal 2021 Honda CRF110 and build it into a competitive and reliable machine. With the help from Rocket Exhaust, BBR components, Lainer Suspension, and many more companies, the result is one dangerous pit bike. Check it out! 

2021 Honda CRF110 Parts List:

Rocket Exhaust

Rocket Exhaust Chubby w/ Backyard Quiet Core - $454.95 + $49.95

CJR Performance

24mm Throttle Body and Intake Manifold - $199.99

Stock ECU Reflash - $100.00

BBR Motorsports

Swingarm - Stock Comp Signature +2.00", Black Satin Powdercoat / CRF110F - $499.95

Damping Rod Set - CRF110F, (13’ - Present) - $99.95

Heavy Duty Fork Spring Kit - $99.95

Extended Throttle Cable Kit - $49.95

Extended Front Brake Cable Kit - $29.95

Skid Plate - $119.95

Black Rims - $99.95 each

Spoke Kit - $79.95 each

Lainer Suspension

Damping Rod Modification - $200.00

Rear Shock - $550.00


ODI 110 Handle Bar - $79.95

ODI Emig Pro Grip, Red - $28.95


Plastic Kit (Red) - $119.99


IMS Core MX Footpegs - $159.99


Tires - $113.90


Wheel Building

PAX Racing

Bump Start Delete - $29.95

Intake Manifold Silicone Hose Kit - $59.95

Aluminum Wheel Spacers - $19.95


Tall Seat Foam - $79.95

Seat Cover - $59.95


Gold & Black Chain - $74.95


Air Filter  - $17.95

TB Parts

Shift Lever - $26.75


Custom Graphics Kit


Foot Peg Bracket - $124.95

Shift Shaft Support Brace - $19.95

Gas Cap - $79.95


Front Brake Lever Assembly

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Awesome ride, and you couldn't have picked a nicer guy to collaborate with. I got to interview Don way back when during a weekend at the KROC in NJ when Michael was still on mini bikes. I think he had just sold Big Gun and was working on his next venture at the time. Must have talked with him for over an hour--just the nicest guy, well versed in the moto universe, the kind of guy that makes you want to use his product because you know you can trust it.

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