QNA with the Devs of MX vs ATV Legends

We've got a little QNA between our staff and the development crew of the MX vs ATV franchise. We had the opportunity to get some insight on what's new and what there is to see in the latest addition to the series, "MX vs ATV Legends". Learn more below.

Vital MX - It has previously been mentioned that there will be a new career mode in this iteration of "MX vs ATV", which will feature multiple different paths. How detailed exactly will the career mode be? What kind of choices will players be able to make?

MX vs ATV Devs - The Career Mode in MX vs ATV Legends is the most robust career mode in the history of the franchise. We believe players will find brand new features like sponsorship opportunities and the opportunity to earn access to special invitational events great additions to the overall career experience. Sponsorships will influence how the player races on the track. In addition, players will earn upgrades to their Farm Compound as their story advances. All of these elements reinforce that true MX legend experience we are seeking to create.  


Vital MX - Will "Legends" feature licensed DLC like "All Out", such as tracks from the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship?

MX vs ATV Devs - Our DLC plan for Legends improves significantly on All Out both in terms of content and frequency. We have already announced the first two DLCs. The OEM Vehicles DLC, which players are used to downloading on Day 1 plus the 2022 Nationals DLC. Legends OEM Vehicles DLC will be available as a collection of OEM vehicle “packs”, each featuring a specific manufacturer we know riders expect. Manufacturers include Honda, Husqvara, Kawasaki, KTM and more. Then, just one week later, players will be able to grab the Lucas Oil 2022 Nationals Track Pack…this includes a whopping 12 tracks plus a little (BIG) bonus we think the fans will dig. 

Vital MX - What noticeable changes have been made to bike/rider physics for “Legends”?

MX vs ATV Devs - Physics are such a personal (and sensitive!) subject for MX vs ATV players. I think what we are most proud of is our ongoing commitment to controls that are easy to learn but difficult to master. In terms of specific physics enhancements in Legends, we believe players will find the bike less bumpy and more connected to the ground. The handling feels more believable or realistic. In-air physics also feel different and more real - pulling off a whip is not nearly as easy as it was in All Out. All of this in an effort to reward skill without sacrificing fun factor.    


Vital MX - The “MX vs ATV” series has always featured track degradation, but are there any noticeable updates to how berms and ruts develop in this entry?

MX vs ATV Devs - These were details that were somewhat important to us and we did iterate on them. We believe players will see a noticeable difference in track degradation in Legends.   

Vital MX - This entry to the series includes a new trails mode. From the trailer I’ve seen, it kind of reminds me of the waypoint mode previous entries have had which I always enjoyed. Is that an accurate comparison? What exactly can players expect from this mode?   

MX vs ATV Devs - You aren’t the only fan of the franchise who as drawn a comparison between Trails and Waypoint. The difference between the two is actually pretty significant. Yes, both race types can be interpreted as a somewhat random track in the middle of just about anywhere in our vast outdoor environments but the comparison stops there. Trails rides like a legit race against AI opponents or your buddies so you are racing hard for the win – a legit win against real competitors - on a track that is defined by mother nature. You are racing from point to point along wide and narrow paths, sometimes the paths branch out or have surprising turns or jumps. Trails races are very unpredictable and very demanding as you never know what’s behind the next turn. This changes the moment to moment gameplay drastically compared to “normal” circuit races where the player has the opportunity to memorize the tricky areas of a given track.    


Vital MX - Are there any changes or improvements from “All Out” to “Legends” that y’all think players will notice the most?

MX vs ATV Devs - The MX vs ATV franchise has always been the most robust off-road racing game experience. It’s the only game where players can hop on bikes, ATVs AND UTV’s. It’s the only game that invites players of all skill level to jump on a vehicle and just explore. The top three features we think fans of the franchise will really enjoy are TRAILS (as mentioned above), a career mode that doesn’t just ask the player to grind but truly rewards them with sponsorships and other story elements, PLUS a very robust online experience. Our online mode will be backed by servers across the globe to provide ultra-smooth gameplay and new features like squads. The team at Rainbow has listened to the fans and amped up nearly every single aspect of this massive off-road racing experience in Legends. As to what players will notice most, it will truly be up to their taste – what aspect of the game they were looking to play more of.     

Vital MX - As of now, are there any community events/tournaments scheduled around the launch of the game?

MX vs ATV Devs - We have not announced our event schedule just yet but stay tuned!   


Vital MX - From what we’ve seen, the free ride maps look absolutely huge. How big are they exactly? 

MX vs ATV Devs - Really freaking BIG. Bigger than All Out. We will give the VitalMX fan who guesses the right size codes for all the OEM DLC vehicles.

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