Click the following link for a 27-photo gallery of motocross race action from the Ninth Annual Oakley Surfercross.

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Just about the time when the late Summer temperatures are reaching their peak, you know it’s time for the annual meeting of the moto crowd and the surf scene…Surfercross.

This event’s the brainchild of Mike Parsons and Jeremy Albrecht, and the ninth annual edition features a tried-and-true format. Two motos each for the Industry and Pro classes. Both classes run a relay-style event at Starwest, and the randomly selected teams are match a surfer and moto pro for both the moto and surf days. Trophies are handed out for both each overall day (moto and surf), and for the combined overall.

It was cool to see Josh Hansen come out aboard the bike he’ll ride next year with the new Gibbs Racing Team (that’s him in the photo aboard a Yamaha YZ450F), but there was also lots of other action during the day.

You can check out the moto results below, or click the link above for the photo gallery. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see how the moto guys do in the water.

Pro Division

  Surf Moto  
1 Kai Pattison Phil Lawrence 1-1
2 Brandon Rambo Josh Hansen 2-2
3 Ronny Nelson Mike Sleeter 3-3
4 Chava Greenlee Jimmy Lewis 4-4
5 Josh Sleigh Jeff Emig 5-5
6 Garth Tarlow Logan Darien 6-8
7 Troy Eckert Ray Sommo 10-6
8 Max Mcilwee Oakley Lehman 7-10
9 Scott Farnsworth Chad Robbins 11-7
10 Josh Sleigh Dave Castillo 9-9
11 Mike Parsons AJ Sjostrom 13-11
12 Brandon Tipton Dano Legere 12-12
13 Simon Severson Ox 8-17
14 Troy Powell Nate Hawley 14-13
15 LJ O'Leary Trigger Gumm 17-14
16 Ryan Sakal Kyle Loza 16-15
17 Corey Landvogt Craig Monty 18-16
18 Brock Little Eric Sorby 15-19
19 Shea Perkis Joel Albrecht 19-18

Industry Division

1 Derric Swinford Jim Anfuso 2-2
2 Andrew Silverstein Stan Rasmussen 4-1
3 Donnie Emler Phil Hunt 1-4
4 Glen Gordy Don Szabo 3-3
5 Jonathan Murphy Alvin Zalamea 6-5
6 Ryan Federow Dan McGranahan 7-6
7 Kyle Crause Victor Sokolow 5-10
8 Martin Weekley Joe Hetherington 11-7
9 Giovanni Palmiari Shane McCassey 10-8
10 Ryan Corum Jeremy McCassey 8-11
11 Jon Levey Jayme Jackson 12-9
12 Curt Biegel John Lyles 9-13
13 Chad Tempo Charlie Flippen 13-12
14 Matt Chapman Philip Kuhn 16-14
15 Brandon Jeffries Miles Hetherington 14-16
16 Chris Corum Nick Garcia 17-15
17 Scott Cram Dylan Nolte 15-18
18 Jeff Allen Brian Barlow 18-17
19 Johnny Carlmichael Taylor Rambo 19-20
20 Malcolm McCassey Audrey Boutin 21-19
21 Carl Holm Josh Montgomery 20-21

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