Nuts & Bolts | Josh Ellingson and Brent Duffe Q&A 2

Monster Energy Star Yamaha Racing mechanics Brent Duffe and Josh Ellingson answer questions about each other.

Nuts & Bolts | Josh Ellingson and Brent Duffe Q&A

With all the personalities in the pits, some of the coolest people to get to know are the mechanics. These guys spend countless hours together with very little recognition for what they do. Josh ‘Jelly’ Ellingson (Eli Tomac’s mechanic) and Brent Duffe (Christian Craig’s mechanic) have worked side by side all season. We sent a few questions out to see what their friendship looks like.

Vital MX: What is something the other guy is better at than you?

Brent Duffe: I don’t know if Star has a special pressure washer for him, but I feel like his bikes always have a little more shine than mine.

Josh ‘Jelly’ Ellingson: I would have to say Brent is better at balancing work with socializing with the fans at the truck on race day. He is more of a people person than I am. Eli has a massive fan base and to interact and answer questions that everyone has would make it difficult to get everything done and prepped for the motos with what limited time we have.


Vital MX: What’s something you’re better at than him?

Duffe: Riding dirt bikes. Both of us just got YZ250’s, so I’m looking forward to roosting his new bike!

Jelly: I would have to say I'm better at knowing a quicker process of getting certain changes done on the bike. But only because this is Brent’s first year on the Yamaha motorcycle. But he picked up on all the little tricks very quick this season

 Vital MX: What is his favorite tool?

Duffe: His wheel truing stand. Well, at least that’s his most frequently used tool.

Jelly: Brent's favorite tool is a T25 torx... When he can find it.


Vital MX: Who has to change more parts on a race day?

Duffe: He doesn’t really have to change more parts on race day, but he has to do a bit more work than I do. CC is so easy on the bike.

Jelly: That's a tough one. I would have to say Brent. We have both been very fortunate to have a pretty smooth season. But Christian has had two big get-offs that has leapt Brent ahead of me on the parts budget.

Vital MX: Who talks more trash?

Duffe: Me, for sure. And I’m better at trash talking too.

Jelly: We are both pretty even. If one of us has a jab to deliver you best expect one is probably going to come right back. We do not spare feelings


Vital MX: Who can tear down and rebuild a bike quicker?

Duffe: He had me beat all season until the last week or two. I’m finally learning how to be efficient with the Yamaha. But races are held on Saturday. Build days aren’t meant to be quick!

Jelly: Brent, because after the race he has basically given everything away except the engine to the fans waiting at the end of the race. So, he has a bit of a jump start when we build Sunday.

Vital MX: What’s the best thing about working with him?

Duffe: We’re both from the Midwest, so we can tell stories about our younger times and friends we have in common.

And he cuts all my race chains to length, which takes one more weekly task off my plate.

Jelly: Best thing about working with Brent is his attitude every day and his sense of humor. We build every Sunday and we are able to enjoy a long day. And we travel every weekend together so having a guy you get along with on the road makes weekends a lot easier and smoother.


Vital MX: Tell us a quick funny story about being at a race or on the road that might embarrass him.

Duffe: It’s a good thing there’s videos of ET3’s Supercross championship celebration, because his memory might be a bit foggy from that night.

Jelly: Man, an embarrassing story about the Huntttaaa! There is just too many to pick from. I’m kidding, but i will just leave you wondering.

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