Movers & Shakers from Arlington 2

With the Triple Crown, there were opportunities for big numbers...both good and bad.

Movers & Shakers from Arlington


Pow. Biggest Mover total for the three motos? Justin Hill, with a +20.

Aaron Plessinger had a whopping +17 for the three mains.

Eli Tomac had no easy path to the overall win, moving up a total of 13 spots during the night.

Justin Barcia was also on the move in Arlington, accumulating a +12 score and fourth overall for the night.


Biggest mover in the 250s? That went to Garrett Marchbanks. He moved up ten spots in the second moto, alone.

RJ Hampshire (above), and Shane McElrath (number 12, below) both had a +12 tally for the night in Arlington. That got both of them on the podium.



GuyB GuyB 2/26/2020 1:56 AM

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It would be good to expand it to show if they went up and down. Davalos for example probable passed more people than anyone but because of his finish and it only being lap 1 till the end, hes a big fat negative (like my fantasy score).

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Love these stats! One of the things I missed so much about Vurbmoto was the chargers vs anchors segment they did every week.

Would be sweet to keep track of the totals added up for an overall with the +/- accumulating a total score at the end of the season. See who gets the hardest charger honors at salt lake! I would dig having that trophy

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